vonDehn Visuals Introduces: The March of the Elephant

vonDehnVisuals is essentially who I am.  It is a name that has been used to represent all of My creative work, what I consider My real contribution to humanity:  My Word and My art; My Blog, My Book and My paintings. I feel these are My greatest gifts, worth infinitely more than the thousands of hours I have spent at meaningless jobs to sustain My existence.  That’s what ‘The March of the Elephant’ is all about.

vonDehnVisuals represents an idea.  An idea that real success is not a measure of what We can take, but what We can give.  The March of the Elephant is a series of seven paintings, each depicting an ‘enlightened’ musician; a collection of artists (I believe) share a common intention to heal the world.

Instead of pitching the series of paintings to agents and galleries which are only concerned with how much money the artist’s creations can earn for them, My goal is to make My work as affordable as possible so that I can continue to do what I love. In lieu of agent and gallery fees, I will contribute 37% of everything I make to a grass roots charity within the community.

I believe this idea has unlimited potential to create positive change in the world.  Updates on this new creative venture will be posted in “The March of the Elephant”, a new category to document this venture as it evolves…  Stay tuned.  😀

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