The First Key

It’s hard to wake up if You don’t know You’re sleeping. You are under the influence of a very powerful spell. I came here to break that spell. After all, I am stuck here too; at least until We are all free. I’m giving You a Key to the first door.
Take the Key and the first door will open. It is very dark where We are now. In fact, the only light is a faint, warm glow, illuminating the lock of the door. I already know the way, so I let You open it.
It’s a heavy wooden door but it swings silently and effortlessly into a long tunnel. You realize We are underground. The walls are high and made of perfectly smooth stone lit with torches. The walls are wet and firelight dances on the glistening stone as You make Your way along the path. It’s a long walk and I let You set the pace, giving You an opportunity to soak up the experience. We have a long journey ahead and We won’t be coming back here.
When You see the foot of the stone staircase, stop and take a long, deep breath. Pay attention to the earthy, organic scent. It’s comforting in a way, it feels safe here. But We do need to get going. When You are ready, ascend the staircase.

You ascend the staircase and find Your are standing in the middle of a spacious cavern. We have entered the Temple of Equated Forces. The room is perfectly square and appears as though it may have been carved right out of pure granite. You look down at Your feet to discover the stone staircase You ascended has disappeared. You are now standing on a sheet of spectacular marble that reaches out to the four walls. A sky-blue silk curtain is draped across the stone wall in front of You. Before it stands a stone alter supporting a candle of matching colour. To Your right the silk curtain and candle are a blazing red, to the left a rich, luxurious gold and behind You the purest, brightest white You have ever seen.
Take Your time, enjoy the room. The Air here is crisp and clear but comfortable, not too cool but not warm, either. It seems the perfect blend of everything and not too much of anything. This is where We will gather Our Forces.
I’m going to take some time to come up with a plan. There is so much to tell You, so much to teach. When I return, You will meet Me in this room. The rest of My inner circle have been instructed to meet Me here also.


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