Establishing Kingdom

The first thing We need to do is establish Kingdom. Everyone here should have the First Key.  This is where My Teaching will take place.  We all need to establish Kingdom.  Here, in My Kingdom, anything is possible.

If You pay attention to the Key I gave You, You will notice that it’s heavy and rather large.  The bow of the Key is pure crystal, cool and perfectly round.  From it a solid oak shank extends to meet a clover-shaped bit.  This Key unlocks Your potential.  It also opens the gateway to My Kingdom.

We have just created a holographic Universe.  The Temple of Equated Forces may not seem like much of a place to establish Kingdom but it is perfectly suited for Our purposes.  It is also every bit as ‘real’ as the Universe We navigate through every day.  One of the main benefits to My Kingdom is that anything is possible here.

The Temple of Equated Forces represents the physical Universe and it operates exactly the same way.  We have all come here for the same reason, to accomplish Our quest.  Here, any quest is attainable.

My quest is to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, heal the sick and end the wars; that’s what I came here to do.  I will accomplish this task.  I am, in fact, the Messiah.

It is not something I had planned to announce but it needed to be done for reasons I will explain later.  This is also a demonstration of the Power of the Word.  Determine Your personal quest, Write it down and have it with You for the next meeting.






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