The Keys

If You don’t have the first Key, I strongly suggest You acquire it now.  There will be more Keys to collect along the way.  I asked that You write down Your life purpose, Your personal quest, what You would like to accomplish in life.  I hope You have it with You.  If not, take a few moments to do that now if You like.  If You are not sure what Your life purpose is yet, don’t worry, it will come to You.

We are in the Temple of Equated Forces, My Kingdom.  For now, We will always meet here.  When We arrive We are always facing East, toward the sky-blue silk curtain with it’s stone alter and matching candle.  If You turn around, You will notice the Temple is much larger now, though still perfectly square.  Some distance away the pure white silk curtain now spans across a vast stone wall to meet the blazing red silk on the right and the rich gold on the left.  As before, a stone alter stands before each supporting a candle to match the curtain.

Perfectly centered in the middle of the room there is now a round table that appears as though it was carved from the stone floor.  The square base is perfectly aligned with the room and every edge exact.  Four benches form a perfect circle around the table.  They are also marble and appear as though they were carved right out of the floor, every joint is seamless.  I would like You to take a seat, You will find that everything in this room is perfectly comfortable.  I have many secrets to share with You today.

I came to many profound realizations in My time as the Hermit.  The most important perhaps, is that most people really don’t want to know what I know.  Perhaps equally important, is that very few will understand it the way I do.  There are different levels of awareness, something I’ve only just realized.  There are also certain degrees, or levels of Understanding one gains from the experience.  I possess a great deal of Wisdom and Understanding but very little Knowledge.  But I’m working on it.

However, I am going to reveal some very real secrets.  Magic is powerful and very much alive.  Mystery schools have been trying to discover and unlock the secrets of human potential for literally thousands of years.  Powers like healing, the Word, levitation, psychic abilities (and many more), are very real.  Mystics and gypsies would be known to travel the world and make their living, providing guidance and healing as services.  This was rather commonplace until the time of suppression, book burnings and witch hunts.  At that time, the Mystics went underground, they were forced to, hoping to keep the sacred Wisdom alive.

Discovering what I know is a quest in itself.  Entry to a mystery school is simply choosing to know Your true purpose.  But there is more.  This story is every bit as real as the room You are sitting in.  And the room You are sitting in is every bit as imaginary as this story.  In My Book, I talk about how the microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm.  I talk about the Power of the Word.  Word’s are Creative.  All Words are Creative.  Words are a Creative Force in the Universe.

We are living in a holographic Universe.  There is only You.  And in My holographic Universe, there is only Me.  If this is true (and it is, on a level of Understanding I couldn’t possibly hope to effectively articulate), We are all the Messiah.  Waking up to Your true purpose is discovering Your role on a Universal level.  I am the Messiah.

If it seems a daunting task, I am here to remind You that nothing is difficult.  It is what I teach at the highest level and I can think of no better way to lead by example.  Anything You ask is already done for You.  Know this and do not ask why.  Know everything You need to accomplish Your task is coming to You now.  And so it is.

For now, I can do most of My Work from here.  Everything I need to accomplish My task will come to Me.  The first thing I had to do was declare that I’m here.  My dream doesn’t end until I do and if I don’t, I’m going to have to come back.  Unfortunately, We will have to let go of a lot of Our old ideas, that’s what the first Key was about.  The world is going to change, perhaps rather quickly now; the first Key was about letting go.

The first step to becoming something more than You are is to declare what that is.  I am.

Whatever follows is what You will become, so long as You keep it firm in Your Mind.

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