Introduction: Weapons Training

I mentioned that I would provide some weapons training today. If You’re lost, this Work is a Living Book and I recommend reading My previous entries. I asked that You visualize the perfect armour for whatever goal it is You seek to accomplish in life and it makes no difference what Your armour looks like; it could be a tailor made suit if Your goal is a promotion. I also asked that You pick a weapon or item to equip. It may sound a little childish and silly but I assure these techniques are highly effective. The more confident You feel, the more confident You will be. The weapons provide insight to Your ‘natural’ Magical abilities.

Fire represents intense energy, passion, primary drive, the Will to live. It’s what gets You out of bed in the morning. If You chose the Staff, You are likely a passionate, driven individual. At worst, You may be overbearing, aggressive. Generally, these are strong, confident people. This essentially represents the root of all Magic.

Water represents emotion. If You chose the Amulet of Protection, You are probably very loving and considerate, generous with Your time and emotional support. At worst, You may be perceived as physically weak or overly sensitive, perhaps even a push-over.

Air represents the mind. If You chose the Sword, You are likely creative and intelligent with a wonderful imagination. At worst, You may be impractical, out of touch with reality. (I could easily (and proudly) be accused of this.) There is no reality, it’s all in Your mind. Air also represents agility and movement or at worst, clumsy and disorganized.

Earth represents the physical Universe. At this stage, it is more difficult for Me to write about this than the other three elements. It represents a more ‘solid’ idea about the world and Self. This is almost the opposite of Air. It represents practical ideas. One of the Intentions of this Book is to address this issue specifically. In Truth, it is the manifestation of the other three elements; the product of Will (Staff), combining with an Idea (Sword) of Self that felt good (Amulet)… The result is You. And if You chose Clubs You are likely more attached to this sense of Self and take a more practical approach to life. It really represents ego, identity on the physical realm but not in a bad way. We can’t exist without ego. At worst, it may represent limited imagination.

It is equally important to note that the elements represent these ideas in the physical Universe, too. Fire cannot exist without explosive energy, combustion. Wind represents a change in the weather, new ideas. Wind fuels the fire, new ideas shape the Creation. Water puts out the fire, keeps it from getting out of control, maintaining balance. These three elements together continually transform the Earth, but the Earth itself remains. This is one more example of the macrocosm reflecting the microcosm. We have an idea of eternal terrestrial existence. You are continually evolving, transforming; and just like the Earth, You will always remain, You are eternal.

If You feel the description of the weapon does not fit You well, that’s okay. The armour should fit You perfectly, that’s what it’s for. The weapon should feel a little uncomfortable, even if it does reflect Your natural attributes. How often are You asked to visualize Yourself with an imaginary weapon? The weapon represents what You need to master in order to overcome Your current objective.

We are all made up of these characteristics in different measure and all are necessary. Each weapon will have it’s time and place on Your quest. The essence of Magic is understanding each of these elements individually and determining how best to apply them to the physical Universe.

Understanding source energy, fire, is the gateway to unlocking the rest. It represents Will. When Your Will is in alignment with the Will of the Universe, You will understand the magnitude of Your Creative potential. When the Universe speaks through Me, it is something that people can physically feel.

Will is what motivates You to do whatever it is You are doing. But sheer Will without emotion or thought is just a smouldering ember. If Will if fuelled by too many thoughts, there can be explosive consequences, too much energy travelling in too many directions at once. Similarly, too much water will douse the flame.

There is a Chinese proverb that goes something like, “the man who chases two rabbits will lose them both.”

Understanding Magic is understanding how all of these elements are in play within You at all times. They are directing Your Will and tempering or fuelling it. Your current life is shaped by these elements. The trick is to use these elements to shape Your life.

The reason I asked You to write down Your current objective in life is to demonstrate the Power of the Word, to teach it to You. If You haven’t done that yet, do it now. I can only demonstrate how powerful this teaching is if You actually follow along. When You are done, look at what You wrote and see if it starts with “I want…” (or any similar opening).

It is most likely the reason You are wanting it. Because You wrote down, “I want…” and so You will be wanting. Words have Power. You do not want, You are in My Kingdom, all things are done for You. Your goal should start with, “I am…”, or perhaps even, “I have”.

I am Messiah, I am Creation, I am the physical manifestation of Love on Earth, Universal Will made flesh. I am Gemini, messenger of the Gods. I am the Will and the Word. I have come to establish Peace. My Will shall be done.

All I really have to do now is wait. But of course it could take some time. And Truth be told, the Universe wants to give Me some time to get Your attention. I don’t expect anyone to believe it’s actually Me. That’s what makes this so beautiful. The Universe knows how unlikely I am, that was the point, I think. I felt a little uncomfortable redeeming Myself as the Messiah, but the Universe insisted. I was literally ‘asked’ to do this by the Universe, ‘told’ that this is what I need to do to move things along. And so it’s done. I asked for an unmistakable sign from the Universe the night after I made the declaration on My Blog. The next morning, I woke up to a newspaper article announcing the death of Rabbi Sharon. The significance? There is a prophecy that the Messiah would redeem himself sometime after Sharon’s death. He’d been in a coma for several years. I was stunned when I read the article, but not surprised. This is how the Universe communicates with Me. I check the time. 11:37. The Universe can be relentless.

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