Magic: Casting Spells

It can be difficult to teach something I’ve always intuitively known.  I grew up believing most of what I know before I awakened spiritually.  That’s the main difference.  Once I believed, now I know.  Belief can be equally powerful, too.  If You believe something to be true, it becomes Your Truth.  Spiritual Truth and what Your ego believes to be truth can be very different and this can get complicated.  When We consider that Our thoughts are Creative, then what happens if We allow Our ‘Self’ to be guided by the false truth of ego rather than the absolute Truth of Being…  Human being.  Human being what, exactly?

This is why We need a little Magic.  Because there is nothing to stop anyone from Creating an entire Universe based on nothing but false ‘truths’ of the ego…  We need to work, We need to make money, We need laws and government to tell Us how to live Our lives and keep Us from killing one another.  Anyone who proudly holds a national title like ‘Canadian’ believes We have some kind of entitlement to a section of land protected by borders to keep other souls from enjoying this part of the world, this part of Creation.  You also have to ask for permission to leave Your country to explore others.  We slave Our entire lives so We can pay to live on the earth We inherited.  Frankly, the world is in the state it’s in because collectively more people are using their creative power to serve false ‘Gods’, or idols; status, wealth, fame, fashion, personal glory, even another person…  Whatever.  They are all fine and well but they will not put an end to the tyranny and oppression that have been allowed to run rampant on this planet.

I’m guilty of it, too.  When I participate in the game, I get caught up in it like anyone else does.  I can talk about the power of thoughts until I’m blue in the face but it won’t stop people from worrying about things.  People seem to largely be victims of their thoughts rather than the observer of them.  When You observe Your thoughts, You can choose them carefully and only breathe life into the ones You wish to see manifest.  That is how You empower Your Words.  Know their power and choose them carefully.

So how do You cast the most powerful spell?  Be the change You wish to see in the world.  That’s what My retreat is all about and this is My Magic.  I literally can’t do it anymore.  I can’t pretend.  Even being here was all about preparing to go.  I can’t interfere with anyone else’s creative power.  I can’t convince the world to give up their job, stop paying taxes and live peacefully and abundantly with their neighbours.  I can’t make people do it, it must be a choice.  By walking away, I am telling the Universe I’m done, I have no more use for the social idea currently in place.  All living men and women in every country will adopt the Ubuntu philosophy (or similar), or parish (have no fear, they will return as new souls in an established Ubuntu community).  And so it is.

None of these things were happening before I awakened.  There was no Occupy Wall St., Anonymous, Ubuntu and countless other ‘Truth’ and freedom movements that have emerged all over the globe in recent years.  I’m not alone, We are waking up.  Shame more people can’t see it.  But in My Universe, in My reality…  My thoughts are creative and everything is unfolding much as I imagined it would.

If I don’t like what the world has become, I must be the one to change it.  I must demonstrate (by My physical example) what the world needs to be so the Universe can become what I am.  Right now, the only way for Me to be the Truth that I am is to remove Myself from society virtually altogether.  If what I believe to be true is, then the world will become what I am.  A successful idea will survive, grow and become.  Thoughts are alive, full of potential.  When enough of them come together, when they flourish, they create and have the power to transform the Universe.

I believe the world will follow My example.  That does not mean I believe that everyone should pack up their things and start cycling or backpacking around the world (though that might not be so bad, either).  It means that I believe We will all start to see the world and Our lives through a fresh set of eyes.  We will discover Our true purpose, We will discover Our Sovereignty.  More importantly, We will understand what that means.

I may even have the luxury of capturing some of My adventures on video so I can share them with You here.  This could be especially useful and informative if I run into any more police officers.  It could be entertaining if I run into bears.

Although it sounds useless and radical, the most effective way to make change is not to lead a revolution, it is to be the change You wish to see in the world.  Transformation begins from within and expands outward.  The more pleasure and joy I experience being the change I wish to see, the more the information of that experience will be subconsciously communicated to the rest of humanity.  More people will feel the urge to ‘leave it all behind’ and embark on some new adventure.  This is Magic, true Shamanism as I know and understand it.

To quote Neale Donald Walsh:  “Thought, Word, Deed.”

I discovered Truth and had new thoughts about the world and Our power to transform it.

I shared those thoughts with My Word.

Now I am putting those thoughts into action with My deed.

I mentioned I’m bound for Bolivia some six thousand kilometers away – but the truth is I’m boundless.  I have no clear destination, no expectations.  I will go where the Universe takes Me, wherever it is My heart leads Me. I must leave the old world behind so it can fall way to make room for the new earth.  I also mentioned I would remove the veil that has been preventing humanity from discovering its potential – that’s what this little retreat is all about.  It’s time for the world to wake up.

So remember to smell the coffee.  Waking up isn’t easy.  It’s bliss beyond Words – but it’s responsibility.  You must be the change You wish to see in the world and We will each have unique ways of expressing that Truth.  But if I say the game is rigged and there is no point in playing but continue to sit at the table…  Then I’m not really being an example of anything, I’m just being a hypocrite.

My future posts will involve My itinerary and any obstacles or challenges I face on My journey.  Until then, be blessed – and so it is.  :).


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