Truth: Can You Handle It?

Welcome back!  I’m very excited today.  Before I begin to reveal the secrets I promised to share with You in My last entry, I am going to briefly touch on something else I discussed in My last entry.  The following is a quote that found its way to Me this morning about ‘old Souls’.

“If you are one of the people that gets called crazy for thinking you can feel people’s energy, or a hermit for needing to have time alone, or a ‘weirdo’ for believing in alternative things, the best thing you can do is continue to be true to yourself.” – Steven Bancarz

The most important thing is Your Art, what You Create because that’s what You are; Creation expressing Creation.  Call it God if You will but that’s what You are.  Don’t let anything interfere with Your Art.

This is My Art, this is My Creation, My Word.  This is Self expressing Truth in the best way I know how.  I’m going to show You just how powerful Your Magic is by revealing how this Magic has been used to betray You.  It won’t be comforting but it will be empowering.  You will begin to see the world around You in a new light, Your consciousness will expand and Your perception will become more clear.

Truth is the world You believe to be real is far more fictitious than anything I’m Writing and I mean that literally.  Waking up spiritually was waking up to the illusion, knowing this to be True and seeking to understand how We had become so lost.  What I discovered was far more than I would have been capable of conceiving at the start of My quest.  More importantly, the information necessary for Me to reveal this illusion and deception found its way to Me in ways only the Universe could deliver.  The ability to prove that everything really is an illusion by examples found in the 3d matrix We co-create every day is, in and of itself, a great Miracle.

The first thing I’m going to ask You to consider is the date.  2016.  Really?  Have You ever thought about that before?  Did the world begin 2016 years ago?  What calendar do You live by?  Who gave it to You?  We take everyone else’s Word for granted, We accept virtually everything without question – even many of Us who consider Ourselves critical thinkers.  I took this for granted without every giving it much thought.  That’s why I’m starting here.  First clue You’re living in an illusion revealed.  The world is more than 2016 years old and We know this if We just take half a moment to think about it.

But what happens when We consider time beyond 2016 years ago?  We encounter the timeframe known as ‘B.C.’, which We are taught to mean ‘before Christ’!  Think about this for a moment.  One cannot even consider ‘history’ without considering Christ and wondering about’His Story’.  This is Magic on a very, very deep level.  And the Word play is no coincidence.  Remember, there are no coincidences.  His story – History.  It’s programmed into the Words We use every day on a subconscious level most do not have the capacity to comprehend.  This is just the beginning.  Remember, Creation is Thought.

The power of this is very important to understand.  Whether or not You believe in Christ, You’re daily life revolves around this character and His-Story!  Get used to thinking about the Word ‘history’ this way because that’s all it is – His-Story.  And Our entire timeline revolves around it.  In this way You have at the very least consented to Roman Catholic authority by acknowledging Christ every time You consider the date.  You have placed Yourself in this period of space and time by doing so!  This is why Words are so important.

We are going to change this.  I will change the theme of the Blog so that the categories, pages and links are more organized.  I will also include a widget showing the Hebrew calendar.  Today’s date is the 16th of Adar I, 5776, according to the Hebrew.calendar.  Doing this will have a transformational effect on a subconscious level.  It begins the internal question, the seeking, the alternate possibilities –  this will help to bring another into view.  This is how We begin lifting the veil.

The Temple of Equated forces is the ‘Ether’, the next plain, the 5d.  We are going to leave the old world and ideas behind, travel into the future, Creating a new space and time, two more dimensions to add the 3d reality.  This is the power We have and how We will transcend the old world ideas.

I don’t want to overwhelm You so that’s all I’m going to share with You today.  In My next entry will begin to explore ‘His Story’ in more detail.  Thoughts are Creative and Our ideas about the world influence Our Co-Creation on a subconscious level whether We understand this Creative power or not.  The more illusory the real world becomes, the more effortless it will be to imagine something new.

The new theme is a little stark so I’m likely to change it again soon.  However, the widget I promised is in the sidebar at the upper left of the screen.  Have a wonderful day and thank You for stopping by.






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