Truth Will Set You Free

19th Adar I, 5776

Welcome back to the Temple of Equated Forces, the Ether.  I Created this imaginary world because this is where I have been existing for the last seven years or so.  This was My way of making it tangible for My audience, a new way of looking outside the box by placing Us all in an imaginary Universe where anything is possible.

I gave thanks in one of My entries just recently for the Ether, for the information that has found it’s way to Me over the past seven years and provided Me with an opportunity to share it with You like this.  I can look back and say that I stand by every single thing I’ve Written on this Blog and the information I have to share with You now is a reflection of this Blog’s original Intention.

I have always known that I am Writing My own story, that I am Creating the future I will know, I am the Creator of My story and the hero.  Seven years ago I awakened to the knowing of this with a profound overstanding of the power of My thoughts and especially My highest thought, for every Soul to tap into their unlimited power and potential.  “Know thy Self.” – (unknown, feel free to add to comments if You know)

I knew My Self so well I felt there was no real work for Me left to do aside from do My best effort to share what I know (which I do by way of this Blog so as not to ‘force’ My Ideas upon anyone), work on My Art and wait for others to wake up to their ‘True’ Self.  I had a tremendous amount of Wisdom and very little knowledge.

Knowing thy Self should be enough.  It is freedom in many ways.  But it’s not.  It didn’t stop Me from getting arrested unlawfully for walking through Toronto a few days before a g20 summit meeting.  Wrong place, wrong time.  I stood in My Truth.  Did it stop Me from being strip searched in the middle of the street, dragged off in cuffs or preven Me from spending eighteen hours in jail?  No.  Why was I arrested?  Because I refused to give a name.  I won’t even say ‘My’ name because in Truth, it has no-thing to do with Me.  At least, not yet.

I started learning with the knowing which is a huge help.  Ceremonies like burning any documents I had is a form of powerful Magic and did have an effect in the Ether.  The Universe brought Me exactly the right teachers.  Teachers who have knowledge beyond anything I could have attained on My own.  So once again I give thanks to the Ether and to My teachers for all the information I will be sharing with You.

The most wonderful thing about this story is that it does have an end.  I know how to merge heaven and earth.  Notice the new category of the Blog.  We are going home.

One of the things I funda-Mentally knew about My Self was that I was not My name and I’ve been saying that virtually since the beginning of this Blog.  It also happens to be the foundation of Truth.  You are not Your name.  Whatever fictional superhero character You Created for Your Self in this Ether is far closer to the Truth about You than Your name.

Most associate their Self with the name, they believe the name is who they are.  This is every bit as powerful as the time deception.  In fact, more so.  The name is a title.  It is fair to say that most of the so called ‘real’ world is living in a world of commerce.  There are many people who feel the system of commerce is a form of slavery, some are oblivious to the slavery and can’t even see or imagine anything outside of a commercial system.

The problem for spiritualists who know the power of their Creative energy (everything the soul does with the body or ego is a form of Creative expression) is that I know I cannot participate in something corrupt, it is in opposition to My Intention.  Yet, We live in a world where without a name, without “ID-entification”, it is very difficult to prosper.  We don’t want opposition, We seek harmony with the Universe.

In promising to offer the Keys to You, I have found the Keys for My Self.  I’m coming home and I’m going to show You the way.  The rest of this journey is not for the faint of heart.  But it is the Truth and this is the happy ending, this is the way home. The end of ‘his’ story and the beginning of Your story – should You choose to accept it.

In My next entry, I’ll hit You with the heavy, the hard Truth’s most of Us won’t want to face.  I’m doing My best to ease into this because one of My own mentors says “One in ten million will be able to fully grasp the material.” – kurt

We need to establish a bridge between Heaven and Earth.  By breaking up Words and overstanding them, We will build that Bridge.

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