Overstanding the ‘Great Work’

For many, the two previous entries in this new category, “The Great Work”, will make little sense.  It was necessary to make these declarations the moment they were real-eyes-ed.  After all, who better to bear witness to My testament than all of You, the children of God?  This is My Truth, My Will, and My Way.  So what exactly does it mean?

I had intended to cover more Words and their deeper meaning in ‘The Way Home’ as I publish future entries.  I had hoped that by sharing some of these meanings perhaps it would help each of Us to find Our own ‘Way Home’ and develop an overstanding of the language that would eventually result in the completion of ‘the Great Work’.

The Writing is far more complex than it seems on the surface.  When first conceived in My Mind, it was My ‘announcement’, then ‘declaration’, then ‘manifesto’…  Yet none of these were quite right, though each was getting closer to accurately articulating My Intention.  So, let Us develop Our overstanding of some English terms by revisiting the language used in ‘the Great Work’.

No better place to start than the beginning, “My living Will, Word and Testament”

‘My living Will’:

My Divine Intention for mankind.  I have expressed this before in several entries and attempted to communicate My Intention by various means of expression; most recently by asking readers to suspend disbelief, to believe that anything is possible.  In short, it is My life purpose – for each of Us to know We are that which We call God.

A living Will is also a recognized legal and (more importantly), lawful document outlining how I intend to ‘govern’ My life.  Typically, it is set up as a means of communicating an individual’s intention for medical care should they become incapacitated, acting as a ‘power of attorney’ or directive.  This is relevant on more than one level as most who would appear before a court are deemed ‘incompetent’ of handling their own affairs and advised to take legal counsel.  As such, this is a declaration of competence in My own affairs, handing ‘power of attorney’ over to God (further explanation forthcoming).

‘My Word’

My Word is My means of communicating My Will, or life purpose, My Divine Intention, My overstanding of that which We call God.  Some esoteric overstanding is required here.  Most who speak English understand it – and that’s the problem.

Many of Us will also have heard the expression, “We are living in the Mind of God”.  This is true on a very deep and powerful level most cannot comprehend but was a fundamental concept for masters of the mystery schools.  It is also the premis for such proverbs as “those who do not go within, go without”.  If You believe the world exists ‘out there’, You will never discover Truth.  As convincing as the real world appears to Our five senses, the masters knew that everything You perceive to be ‘out there’ is really just a series of electro-magnetic thought patterns in the brain producing the images and feelings We perceive to be real.  And because this is Our current collective understanding, it IS real because it is the only perspective We have.  This is a very complex topic of discussion and I don’t have time to get into it too deeply now but there are countless books of study dedicated to the topic.  For now, I am simply going to touch on some concepts the masters used to keep this overstanding firm in their Mind as it pertains to My Testament.

At this point in the entry, I had started a ‘legend’ explaining some of the deeper meaning behind Words used in My Living Will and Testament.  My most significant mentor, both on a spiritual level and a with respect to law is a man named kurt.  I have not capitalized his name to respect his creative expression as I’ve seen him use it in his own work.  The waiver I keep in My back pocket at all times is kurt’s ‘perfect’ creative work and genius.

There are a couple of subtle but significant differences between My document and kurt’s.  I share kurt’s enthusiasm for each of Us expressing Our Truth in Our own unique Way.  I capitalize any Word I feel is necessary to aid in empowering My reader on a subconscious level, using My own overstanding of Our Creative power in My Writing.  This is My Magic.

My document is Written in red ink on a page torn from My personal journal, roughly four by six inches in size, on light tan-brown lined paper.  I used red, professional quality acrylic paint to cast the thumbprint.  My document in not notarized.  As far as I’m concerned, as long as I am there to hand it to someone in person, I already have all the witnesses necessary.  I actually feel it makes the document even more powerful because I’m not asking or claiming I need any other approval or witness than what is already present.  I am what I say I am and that is that.

The reason I’ve gone off on this tangent is because kurt has also been a very significant ‘character’ in My ether – and consequently in Yours as his Work has greatly influenced this Work.  The beginning of this entry was another reflection of that as I discovered after saving My draught that kurt had updated his blog’s main page…  And what did I find there?  Well, there could be no better Way for Me to introduce You to kurt than to ask You to take a look for Your Self.

And this is the best example I can give You of the power of the Ether.  For several months every conversation of kurt’s I have listened to has been a direct answer to My own internal questions.  This is the quickening, time is speeding up tremendously!

Love and Blessings to all, talk to You again soon.

Lord Sean, house of vonDehn





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