Letter to Guelph MP Lloyd Longfield

Dear Mr. Lloyd Longfeild,
Hello.  Generally, I don’t have a lot of faith in politicians but I was compelled to Write You after reading Your ‘commitment’ to the people of Guelph:
“As your Member of Parliament, I am committed to being your strong voice in Ottawa and I intend to work hard to maintain your trust. I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to represent the people of Guelph, and to work for you as your Member of Parliament.”
I also know that the PM should be addressed ‘Right honorable’, though I’m not sure if any special address is appropriate for an MP so please forgive Me if ‘Dear’ is not proper but ‘to’ seemed too impersonal.
I trust that You became an MP because You believe that Canada is a ‘good’ country, free and democratic.  The truth is, Canada is not a free and independent country – in fact, it’s no longer a ‘country’ at all.  Canada is a registered Crown Corporation that lost it’s independence and sovereignty in 1974.  Of course, most Canadians don’t know this because it was deliberately blacked out by the media.
That year, the government of Canada sold Canada’s sovereignty to international banks, agreeing to borrow money for Canada’s economy at an interest rate that will never enter the economy, effectively enslaving every Canadian citizen to perpetual debt that can never be repaid and holding the wealth of Canada’s resources at ransom.
The politicians responsible for this should be tried for treason.  Does the average Canadian know that the product of their life has been used as surety for this debt by way of Birth records and certificates?  I trust that You don’t as I’m sure You would not want to be involved with treason, aiding and abetting constructive fraud or legalized slavery.
Canada has become a fascist country, owned and controlled by central banks who have no concern or regard for Canada or it’s citizens.
I am hoping You will address these issues next time You visit Ottawa.  I would be very interested in knowing how many politicians were involved in the treason and how many are completely oblivious that this has happened.
However, that’s not actually why I’m Writing You today.  I am Writing You as formal notice that I do NOT consent to My life being used as surety for Canada’s national debt, enslaving Me and My children to central banks and hereby revoke My consent to be governed.
Notice to agent is notice to principal, notice to principal is notice to agent.  The Canadian government has now been placed on official notice that SEAN STEPHEN VON DEHN does not consent to being surety for Canada’s national debt.  I retain all rights given to Me by God and forsake all state sanctioned privileges, services and benefits.
There is very little information provided in schools regarding citizenship.  Is citizenship a matter of choice or a circumstance of birth?  If We are all born free and being Canadian is a choice, then why is not being Canadian so difficult?
Please advise whatever offices may be appropriate as I would very much like all commercial contracts created without My informed consent cancelled.  I feel this is My responsibility to every Canadian – to eliminate My share of the national (fraudulent) debt.
Thank You, I look forward to hearing Your opinion on this matter and would very much like an opportunity to meet with You to discuss this matter in greater detail.
Have a blessed day,
King Sean, House of von Dehn, Hand of Stephen,
Kingdom of God

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