My Personal, Private Documents

waiverwaiver courtesy Kurtis Richard Kallenback


Kurt Kallenbach has been one the greatest mentors on My journey.  Having said that, We have a completely different approach and I think that’s important.  I had a document for a long time that I used as “ID” that was similar to the waiver, signed with a thumbprint ‘seal’ and declaring that I am a spiritual man who claims no corporate titles and I can’t remember what else.  Kurt’s was the same idea, just infinitely better and when he granted permission to use it, I immediately created one and have been using it as “ID” until I get everything else sorted out.

The second document, the “Cestui Que Vie” is My ‘Proof of Life’.  Instead of going after the original record of live birth, I created My own proof of life.  Who says it has to evidence Your birth?  It is to evidence Your life!  And, although it’s a rip off of John from the Bible and the “Lord’s prayer”, I’m actually quite proud  of it because I think it is the perfect document for proving and claiming life.  I also believe the Truth is right in front of Us if We open Our eyes and I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that so many children in public school were raised knowing this prayer, nor do I feel it’s a coincidence that it makes the perfect legal declaration of sovereignty.

It also pre-dates the record of live birth, making it the ‘original’ document, “In the beginning…” is very significant.  I claim all from the beginning.  If You include kurt’s waiver, I do it twice.  I don’t really ‘need’ the waiver anymore but I shared the pic to demonstrate that it doesn’t need to be fancy – that’s what I liked about it.  It doesn’t ‘conform’ to any ‘legal’ requirements for a document which is something I have always struggled with.  To say You are sovereign and then spend hours trying to figure out what Words to use for it to be ‘legal’ seems a little ridiculous – as a sovereign, You ARE law.  You make the laws for Your Kingdom and I feel that is something that should be made very clear ‘from the beginning’.

Finally, I use the Bible and Lord’s prayer deliberately because the entire legal fiction goes back to the Vatican under the presumption that Roman Catholic’s are ‘God’s authority on earth and ‘rightful’ heirs to the earth and it’s resources.  Their entire fiction is based on the Bible – I am using their Words because they can’t dispute their own facts or their entire charade falls apart.  That’s it.

I have been gifted with the pleasure of helping others on this journey now and am even more pleased to say that I have been doing so with great success.  It seems more and more people are interested in learning about the law and the contracts that bind Us.

Love and Blessings

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