My Story

I absolutely have at least one more Book to Write at some point in life.  This Will be the condensed version.

As a child I imagine My life was much like that of any young boy.  I was full of hopes and dreams about the world I would one day know and the amazing things I might experience and accomplish along the Way when I was finally old enough to freely explore on My own.  As a child, anything in the world seemed possible.

My adolescence was also probably much like that of anyone else – awkward, impatient, the rigidity of school and other social expectations was beginning to feel heavier, it’s obvious You still haven’t found Your style or look and it’s the first time in life You’ve ever cared.

And then there is school.  Now it’s starting to seem something like probation.  I didn’t like school, but also didn’t like the idea of slaving away for the rest of My life to ‘earn’ My place in the world.  University would be another four years, at least…  But what was the alternative?

I (eventually) decided to finish high school as quickly as possible so the option for University would remain open to Me if I ever decided I wanted to go.  I figured I would try to find some job I didn’t Mind doing that paid well enough to pay the bills comfortably and provide Me with as much cash and free time as possible to enjoy with friends.  And truthfully, I’ve never really been one who has cared much for possessions, if I did have extra cash, I’d always spend it either on a night on the town with friends or on the newest tech item.  I do love technology.  Without it, I have no Idea how I would do what I am doing now.  But I remember as-King for this.

Grade ten for Me, first computer class introduced to Our high school.  I programmed in Dos (I think) and made little triangles and other geometric shapes on a black background.  Our teacher said that it looked pretty basic now but one day everyone in the world would be able to communicate with each other in front of a screen in real time.  To think about it even now, is truly Mind expanding.  I just remember thinking, ‘yes, please!!’.  And look where We are now.

But like everyone else, I was getting caught up in the rat race and was beginning to feel powerless to make positive change in the Universe.  How could one man possibly make a difference?  Now I think, imagine if everyone thought that way!  Nothing would ever get done.

Then I awakened in My thirty-fifth year of life.  That feeling of the young boy with limitless potential returned to Me.  I was a skeptic of everything so I wasn’t even convinced that becoming ‘enlightened’ was a real thing.  But I got the full download, which would be something that would take Me another few years to discover.  I’d never really considered different ‘levels’ of Truth, it just is.  But I remembered what I came here to do and knew couldn’t fail.

Yet it took Me another nine years of life to get here.  I did some crazy things to get here.  Yet keep in Mind, the Fool in Shakespeare’s play’s usually turned out to be the wise one.  I ‘occupied’ the Vancouver art gallery steps for roughly two months after quitting My job and giving away all My possessions but My Art.  Had no clue how I was going to do what I came here to do, only that I would find My Way.

I claimed the identity ‘spirit of the Elephant’ in the beginning so that I could relate to something more than My name, I knew My name was just a title.  The first person I connected with after My awakening was a spiritual healer in Japan who told Me she had been told to message Me by the ‘Gods’.  I asked her why and she said, “You are the spirit of the elephant.”

I just ‘happened’ to be working on a painting of an elephant at the time – no coincidences.  “And what is the spirit of the Elephant?”

“Peace, Love, Truth, Strength.  They told Me You Will change the world.”

And I’m not embellishing on this story one bit.  This is the very first conversation I had, literally five to ten minutes after My awakening.  She is a truly a beautiful soul.  And I still know her today for anyone who doubts Me.

So I claimed this new Idea of self expression, I no longer ‘claimed’ to be My name, though I compromised and applied for a passport to go to Japan.  I can’t even tell You how much it bothered Me that it was necessary.  Visa applications, the ‘right’ to work in Japan, the ‘right’ to visit Japan.  All entirely in the hands of bureaucracy.  Again, even when You know anything is possible, how remained the eternal question.  We are Gods and Goddesses, Kings and Queens under God, but how could this Truth become the reality of Our experience.

When I returned to Canada after an extension of My visa in Japan being denied and told I would be arrested and deported if I stayed (I was very tempted to do it anyway), I finally published My Book and had a sacred ceremony with a friend of mine.  I burned anything with the name SEAN VON DEHN on it.  The ‘Magic’ in this ceremony is that I am trusting only in Me, and only when I trust My Self enough to let them go Will I learn to find My Way without them.  Why would I keep them?  They do not belong to Me, they are property of the Crown.

Well, I was so full of life and enthusiasm that I just pretty much lived in the glory of God, gallivanting around the country, mostly having fun.  Then I had My incident with the Toronto police and everything changed.  I knew nothing about the legal fiction, or next to nothing.  I had been under the  Fool-ish impression that if I never claimed the name I could never be part of the fiction, especially if I claimed to be a ‘spiritual’ man.  I knew that what had happened to Me was in some Way related to the name but now not only did I not want to claim it, I was genuinely concerned about what they might do to Me if I did.

Fear is not the right Word because I wasn’t afraid, I knew My innocence and dared them to challenge it in court, I was furious about what had been done to Me – but I didn’t actually do it.  I should have.  The Truth is, My Brother had to bail Me out and the whole experience put a great strain My relations with family.  I was furious about what had been done to Me and wanted to face them in court but trusted sources warned Me it was the worst possible thing I could do.  I couldn’t understand that at first.  How could I possibly have no chance if I’m ‘innocent until proven guilty’ am innocent?  I didn’t harm anyone, I wasn’t damaging anyone’s property, how could I possibly be guilty of anything?

I was guilty of being ignorant and I started doing My homework.  Along the Way, I put My spirit ‘on the shelf’ more than once, begrudgingly working full time, paying income taxes and spent the rest of My time sojourning around taking cash jobs wherever I could find them.  Studying law seemed like an endless quest, the more I learned, the more I knew how much more there was to learn.

The most magical part of My story, is that the fantasy world I was creating, the ‘Temple of Equated Forces’ was intended to make the vision in My Mind a reality on earth, even if it only existed here.  The irony…

I re-read some of My posts from the Temple of Equated Forces and I felt the Power of My Words in a new Way.  In the legal fiction and in commerce, We only exist on paper.  And in the legal fiction man is a bonded slave.  In the legal fiction, I am no longer a slave and now My real life is this fiction, literally!!

This is the final chapter.  The man I have been telling You I am is now the man that I am.  Legally.  I still laugh at the irony but maybe that’s just Me.  I’ve spent so much time Writing posts, encouraging people to step into their Power, to be the change they want to see in the world.  Know what You want to be then be that thing.  Simple.  Took Me nine freaking years to put all the pieces together and actually do it but I have finally claimed My throne.

And now it all seems so simple to Me.  I wasn’t comfortable with the title of King at first because it sounds counter-intuitive to Brotherhood of man.  But there is always the tale of the Good King who chooses to protect the Kingdom of God and defend the rights of every man, especially the weak.  Once I truly lay claim to My title, I could feel the Magic of it and wondered why it had taken Me so long to get this all done.  I began to really feel like the King I am for the first time.  The more I Wrote it, the more I felt it.

I have a plan and all of this is part of that story, My Story.  I said You were Kings and You are but Your Kingdom’s have been looted from You.  This is the Truth and this is the Hand of the King.  Trust Me, Words have Power and I am now making the Law.  I am the Author of My Writ, I am the authority in My Kingdom and I vow to every living man on earth that I Will protect all gifts that were given by God.  I will serve only God and protect the common law for every man.  This is My Law and I give You My Word.

I Will need Your help.  I have a very well thought out, constructive plan.  The highest authority or position a person can hold in the legal fiction is that of King.  All that means is that the man presenting him Self as King has full capacity and standing in ‘law’ (legal fiction).  All ‘common wealth’ countries swear an oath of office to the Queen to uphold the common law and any King can invoke the common law (highest law)  in any court.  And the common law is God’s law, common sense, really.  Cause no harm to any man or their property.  No harm, no foul, no fine.

The greatest irony, perhaps, is that I am actually going to refer to My commercial character as a Canadian citizen with the status of a private person and title of King.  But I really do know what I’m doing.  I believe I may actually be the first true Canadian citizen.

The reason I am going to call My Self a Canadian citizen is because I think that anyone who believes that Canada is a great country, also believes they are in it.  Most people who proudly call themselves Canadian do so because they believe their human rights and freedoms are being protected by their elected government officials who are elected by the people for the people and put into positions under oath of office and penalty of perjury.  It is the duty of every Canadian citizen to hold Our elected officials to their oath of office to the Queen.

That is the premise for what I am doing.  Canada is not a bad thing at all, it’s presumed to be a geographical, immensely beautiful place where We have full enjoyment of Our rights and freedoms under God.  The problem is, I am one of very few, if not the only Canadian citizen in Canada right now.  Any other man who is King unto him Self would probably be afraid to claim that they are a Canadian citizen due to how it may impact their status, standing and capacity in law.  The rest of Canada’s people are not citizens of a country at all, they are employees of a corporation.  And the Crown Corporation of CANADA and the country of Canada are two very different things but most of Us have been duped into believing they are the same.

I don’t want any man to fear giving his name for fear of what that might mean.  It’s fraud, that’s all it is.  And once it’s exposed, it’s over.  I have exposed the fraud and I am holding My ‘so called’ elected officials to their oath of office and every letter I Write Will be published here.

Every letter I have sent is registered on the public record and there has been no challenge to My claims or charges.  An uncontested claim in law is a default judgement.  Their rules, silence is consent.  They are bound by their rules, I am not.  I strongly suggest anyone reading this please take some time to read over all the documents and letters I have sent, even if You don’t fully overstand the language contained in them.

The idea of Canada that everybody loves is beautiful but that is not the reality of the Canada We know.  I have had people tell Me, ‘You can’t beat the banks, You can’t beat the courts, they are too powerful.’  There is nothing We can’t do.

If You believe Canada is a good country, please help Me by sharing these Words far and wide so We can all work together to hold Our elected public officials to their oath of office to hold and uphold the common law (where all of man is equal and every man a king).  Let’s get rid of the central banksters.

Love and Blessings, more coming very soon,

King Sean, Hand of Stephen, House of von Dehn,

Kingdom of God







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