Living in ‘SIN’

So a lot of what I am going to Write over the next few entries may be shocking for some of My readers.  The ‘powers that be’ are soon to be ‘the powers that were’.  But there is not going to be any vengeance for what has been done, We are the ones to blame.

In My last post I referred to the ‘children of God’.  That’s what most of Us are, children of God.  We need to grow up.  I had been saying, “We are Kings, I am sovereign”.  It may have been True but it wasn’t ‘real’ in the fiction because it was never declared.  The slave disappeared but his true character had not yet entered the scene.

The living man Will never exist on paper.  That seems obvious enough, but it’s important to fully overstand.  Living man does not exist in the fiction at all.  Only the character of the man can exist on paper and You can choose to be whatever character You want.  We have accepted what is on paper as the truth of Our character and We become that character.

What if everything that is going on in the world is just a test?  What if all You have to do is know You are of God and stand in Your Kingdom?  What if it is really that easy and everything that’s happening is happening because We do not stand in Our power?  What if there is no one to blame at the end of the road, but You?  That is the reality.

I said that when claimed My Kingdom I almost immediately felt different.  It was very subtle at first.  I didn’t know what to expect.  Would they dare challenge Me?  No, of course not.  Who could?  Crimes of fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud, slavery, theft, what if all of it is My fault?

It sucks, but that’s the Truth.  I was a child of God, not a man of God.  I knew something was wrong but I never stood for anything.  What if everything in the world is happening because We are children of God rather than man of God?  That’s what no one Will want to hear.

It wouldn’t be fair to say that nothing is forced upon You because there are many of Us who have been a victim of the abuse of power.  But perhaps We were subject to that abuse because We were acting like children.  That is the Truth for Me.

Sure, I believed I was sovereign and declared My Self sovereign in the flesh but I was also aware that there was still a slave titled character in their fiction who was thought to be a (potentially) dangerous offender.  Nothing could be further from the truth, but that is what the fiction’s story was telling.  If I know who I am and I’m a responsible man walking in the Kingdom of God, I would not allow false claims upon My life to exist.  I was still a child of God because I hadn’t ‘manned up’ to claim My throne and dispute the false claims made in My name.

What if the colour of law was created for the children of God?  Children of God were not walking in full harmony with God, they did not know it is wrong to harm another man or steal his property so man had to create a few laws to keep the children of God ‘in check’.  Maybe the premise was good and it just got outta hand.  Or maybe We just became less and less responsible for Our own lives, enjoying the Idea that if We harm someone or damage their property We can pay a fine or spend some time in jail and everything is good again.

Is $11,740,000.00 going to undo what was done to Me?  No.  Is as King for the amount in compensation and damages for the crimes against Me going to cause harm to any other man?  No.  Is the money real?  No.  I have My estate, I don’t need any money, I’m just doing it for kicks.  I’m not holding any man responsible for what was done to Me because there is no man to blame but Me.  Also, I don’t need to avenge any who oppose Me, God takes cares of that much more effectively than I could ever dream.

I made a demand for the $11,740,000.00 because I have a plan for Canada until the rest of God’s children are ready to claim their thrones.  I just need a modest space to homestead and continue My Work.  The ‘money’ is all debt, useless to Me but valuable to Canada if I were to buy $10,740,000.00 CAD in gold and donate it to a new ‘Citizens Bank of Canada’ to add ‘real’ value to Canada’s economy that will be non profit.  Yes, that’s right, non-profit.  We really don’t need money at all but that’s just too big a leap for most people right now.

So I am starting My quest under the presumption that all of this is happening because all of it necessary.  We need to demonstrate that We are mature and responsible enough to manage Our own lives.  Declaring My Kingdom made Me feel the weight and responsibility of My new character.  “Forgive them, for they know not what they do,” will be a big theme for My endgame, just giving You all a heads up.  Nobody Will be getting locked up for what was done, We need to take accountability for Our own actions.\

I could have asked for the entire Canadian deficit in compensation for what was done to Me, there is no price that could undo what was done.  Money is part of the game, it’s just fiction and until everyone else can comprehend that, I suppose it Will have some (perceived) value.  The deficit disappears if We all just grow up.  Think about it.  No more slave contracts, no more cash.



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