The Real Game of Thrones Begins

Hello everyone and thank You for being here.  Everything I do I am doing for You.  It doesn’t matter if You are one of the three officers who abused Me in Toronto, or a public servant addressing Me ‘slave’.  I am especially doing this for You.

If at all possible, claiming My rightful throne further accelerated something in My consciousness.  It made it real.  I am, under the authority of God, establishing a new jurisdiction to protect the children of God called the Kingdom of Heaven.  The Kingdom of Heaven has supreme jurisdiction and authority in all places of the earth and in any courtroom to invoke God’s protection, placing the man in God’s Kingdom and jurisdiction.  The child of God must acknowledge his transgressions against God and ask to be forgiven.  As he asks it is done.  A true man of God will cause no harm or loss to another man or his property.

Any man in any court who asks to be forgiven by God is forgiven by God and absolved of all transgressions and charges.  I hereby declare under the authority of God and by the Hand of the King, My Writ and Authority, to discharge sufficient value from the unlimited wealth of My ‘Cestue Que Vie’ trust to discharge any debt against any man who asks Me or invokes the protection of God in any court.  No court has higher jurisdiction or authority than Me.  And so it is.

All I can say is I’m sorry it took Me so long but I am truly here now.  Ask for God’s protection and forgiveness in any court and it shall be done.  My fellow Kings Will help Me to invoke God’s Law wherever it is necessary for the protection of the children of God who do not yet know they are Kings.

Remember, I am with You always, You need only ask.  Invoke God’s law and receive His blessings by standing in the Kingdom of God in any court.  No one can touch You there and none can take his Kingdom from You, God’s Power is Supreme.

My Book was the Prophecy to set things in motion, tip the scales – this is the beginning of the end of the story.  We Write the Story and all the world is a stage, You are the Star.

More letters coming soon, along with My endgame plan.

Love and Blessings







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