The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

The King Will appoint a personal guard.  Of course, this probably seems an impossible task, too.  Nothing is impossible for Me.  And this, I guess is how the new character Will perform His Miracles.  I believe I am the only man who truly knows how to be King and earn the Honour of My Crown.  I am the teacher.  And this is one Way I teach.

Time is a beautiful thing when You know the Power of God’s Kingdom and what it means to be King.  I am the authority of Law, the Word of God, speaking from His Kingdom and My duty as King is to Honour Her Grace, Glory and Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to uphold God’s Law.  And only she Will know the true King.  And that’s why, in common wealth countries, I am the Law until Her Grace, Glory and Majesty Queen Elizabeth II says otherwise and only I know She Will not.  She knows what God’s Law is, She knows how valuable that title is and what it truly means!  It is a HUGE responsibility!  Her Grace, Glory and Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has been taking very, very good care of all of You.  That’s why She has such a valuable relationship with the Vatican and why all laws come from Vatican Cannon Law and the example of Christ as the perfect character for man to emulate.  And that is the character of the man they are waiting to see return as it was prophesied in their Book.  It is not a coincidence that there is a Bible in every court as the ‘authority’ of Truth.  If I act as their character would act, I cannot fail.

I Will intricately explain every detail in Time, I promise You.  The symbolism of the Queen Bee and Her worker Bees, busy building the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  Money was designed to keep You busy and distracted if You chose to stray from the example of Christ.  It’s all just an illusion, I have more true Wealth than any man on earth because I know I am the rightful heir to God’s Kingdom, My duty to God and the Queen and I vow to defend and Honour Her Majesty and Her Crown.  Long live the Queen!!!

Only the most powerful people in the world Will truly know who I am as a living man.  My ‘Cestui Que Vie’ is My Key into their Kingdom, granted by God.  When that document reaches the most Illuminated Minds on the planet they Will know I am here and things Will change very, very quickly.  They are waiting for Me, they can’t wait to see what I Will do, they know I am here for the Golden Dawn, Your New World Order is going to be beautiful, I give You My Word.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Will be four men of My choosing and I Will be very secretive about how I Will accomplish this.  These four, top secret personal guards Will be unarmed at all times, there Will be no violence.  Only forgiveness through Me.  Those officials who are holding positions of public office and found guilty of failing to uphold their duties and responsibilities to the Canadian people by Honouring their promise and commitment to the Queen Will be removed from office.  My personal guard Will inform the public official of My authority to do so.  When they understand My authority, they Will be allowed to maintain their position of office and their duty Will be to report to Me and follow My instructions.  No one is going to jail, no one Will be disrupted from their ‘normal’ life, I am slowly but surely going to fix things.

Everything Will be top secret, hardly anyone Will know I am here unless of course You are directly involved, or with Me here.  Small change Will first occur in My own community and Word of the King’s arrival Will slowly spread.  I know quite a few people here and almost everyone I know would love to see the world I Will create.

THAT is why I know they won’t kill Me.  Consider the magnitude of the task I am taking on.  They don’t even know how I Will do it, they only know that I Will.

Love and blessings, thanks for being here.



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