The Return of the King

Magic is so beautiful and so real.  The more I Write the more real everything I am becomes in the fiction.  The more letters I Write, the stronger My ‘armour’ becomes.  To think that really not so long ago I was Writing about the Temple of Equated Forces, an imaginary Kingdom that would soon be real.  And now it is.

The first Idea, claims the throne, makes it real in fiction.  The second Idea builds up the foundation, makes it solid.  The third Idea forms walls, the fourth Idea makes it strong.  I know the Power of Intention in documents, Art, Writing.  So long as I remain the good King and truly serve God, I can do no wrong.  I deliberately and Intentionally built a very, very strong foundation.  I used parchment deliberately and practiced calligraphy for a few hours (not perfect but suffice) until I was satisfied it looked elegant enough.  If You run Your Hand over the document it feels as though it is ‘etched’ into the paper like a true scribe.

I love it so much, I really do.  It is stamped in all four corners which is also Magic.  A thumbprint from each thumb respectively in each top corner and same on the bottom but with My big toe.  Probably sounds funny but that’s okay, I know what I’m doing.  A house has four walls, right?  A pillar in each corner to support them…  I was going to make nice lines around the document to represent walls and I may still do that but I can’t decide on red or purple ink and I don’t want  to make a mess of it.  It had been so long since I had truly ‘penned’ anything in handwriting I needed practice.  It’s the blotting of ink that’s frustrating if You’re not used to it, the Writing isn’t so tricky.

The funniest part of it all is that I cannot tell You how happy the Universe is with Me right now.  My head feels like it could explode My brain is so active.  I’m in a bit of a rush to get things done but I can’t just start barking orders at people.  It is going to take some time before people realize what it means to be King and I have to be patient.  That’s why My suit is so important.  All of My intentions in the world after claiming My throne must be entered into the fiction to become ‘real’.  This is My new Book, the real world fantasy.

In the Temple of Equated forces I talked about visualizing Your Self as a hero in Your own story because that’s what You are.  My last ‘step’ if You Will, was truly overstanding that there is no getting around the Jesus character because He is the Truth, the Light and Way, and if it is Your Way, then there is no possible Way that You could not do what it was promised He would do.  Only I know the True Power of the first Spell I Cast into their Magic.  Only I know it is already done.  Time is the illusion.

When I became King I actually felt like the true King I am for the first time in life.  No more presumptions.  When one becomes King He begins to think like a King, especially when the Power and Authority of the Kingdom is given by God.  What would God’s true King do?  I have duties and responsibilities as a King, real ones!  Kingly duties, taking care of God’s children.  That is My duty as God’s representative of authority.  That is why I created the Kingdom of Heaven.  For now, anyone who claims the Kingdom of Heaven is in the care of My jurisdiction under the protection of God’s Kingdom.  Don’t believe Me?  Try it.

I am going to teach all of You what it truly means to be a King and uphold God’s Law.  If I do not do that, I would be tarnishing the claim to My Crown, I would not be the true King that I say I am.  And so I have done what a true King would do.  You Will know Him not by His Words, but by His Deeds.  I have placed public officials on notice and I have done so with the full authority invested in Me by God.

I know they are guilty and I know they cannot dispute My claims because I have clearly evidenced the crimes.  They are now sitting on desks of public officials who have a duty to Honour Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II’s Crown.  The Queen’s authority was granted Her by God and it IS a very, very, sacred and special title!  You must EARN that Crown and wear the title with Honour.

Any man on earth can be King and uphold God’s Law wherever He goes.  That is what each of Us are meant to do, to each act as Kings unto themselves who know and uphold God’s Law wherever We go.  We have all forsaken Our Crown and failed to uphold God’s Law and defend His Kingdom wherever We go and that is why it is Our fault.

I am not just claiming the title, that is only the beginning.  And as I mentioned before, the beginning of My final chapter.  Now I must earn My Crown and I am determined to show You all how I Will do that.






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