The Prince of Wands

I have mentioned the Tarot and I use Aliester Crowley’s Thoth deck, given Me by God,  Hand of King Dylan.  Even in My Book, a Prophecy for Peace, I told You that I would slowly re-Writ Your Language, I just never Imagined it would Play out like this.  Play, children, Play!!  Seriously.  Life is a dream and it is whatever dream You want it to be.  I Will be calling You by the names God would like You to be called, He would like You to know Your Self as King in His Kingdom, regardless Your sex.  This I will explain more later.

But the Tarot are a thing many people seriously misunderstand so I am going to tell You very plainly what they are for Me and why I am different from most of You.  They are considered to be a ‘living example of the Universe’, much like the Word.  They tell a Story.  Although I had been using Tarot for a while, as a Gemini, I am kind of the ‘jack of all trades and master of none’, so I may have been any of the characters within the Tarot at different stages of My own spiritual growth.  And this is important because I have grown and learned so much and nine years ago My spiritual comprehension of the Universe was already beyond most people’s ability to grasp.  So, I don’t want anyone to feel bad that they didn’t do what I am doing now before Me.  Soon, You Will all be like Me and I have always said this.  I was meant to be the first, everyone else Will follow.

In 2012, I was as focused as I ever have been and as King to the Universe to reveal to Me a character that would take Me to My destined position in the Universe.  I use opening of the Key spread (not called opening of the Key for no reason, by the Way) and knew that the Creators of the Tarot would know how that should best be expressed by the Cards because they are Powerful Magic, trust.  I did four times the first operation of the opening of the Key, starting first with the pile that represents Fire (Will, God), and turned over the top card.  It was the Prince of Wands.  I was very pleased.  I as King of the Universe same question and shuffle deck five times as I always do and repeat first operation, turning over top card in second pile, Love.  And Prince of Wands was revealed to Me again.  I did this two more times for each of the remaining piles, Mind and Earth (physical).  Each time the Prince of Wands appeared on top of deck I was as King to.

78 cards shuffled five times before each spread of first operation, each time Prince of Wands appears on top of each pile I as King to best represent My character (in ‘real’ life).  Think about what kind of odds that might be compared to Your lotteries on earth.  Do You think there are coincidences?  See, I command the Tarot, they created them for Me specifically!!!  They are called the Golden Dawn teachings!!!  They are spiritual teachings and they are related to the Kabballah and all things spiritual.  They tell You Jesus doesn’t die this time if You know how to read them.  And this year, and for five years without fail now, I have been the Prince of Wands in the Tarot, the pictorial example of Your Illusory Universe (One-Song).  This year I am the Emperor and the Star.  And this is something only I can know.  It means I’ve completed the puzzle they had for Me.  This is the ‘test’ that the most enlightened Minds of Our world had for Me.  They knew that these cards would be given Me because that’s how well they overstand the Universe.  All things I as King for are given.  That is the Magical Key to the Illuminati Universe by the Way.  If You can read the Tarot well enough that the Star and the Emperor become Your destiny, (and know what they mean), they You are ready, You are the Neo in the Matrix, the Star who is guided by the highest dream, and destined to end up there regardless of circumstance.  We are each the Star of Our own show, all the world a stage.  Final act is about to hit theatres real soon, hang tight.  And please, relax already.

King Sean, House of von Dehn,

Kingdom of God




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