Decoding of Your Matrix, Bible, Laws.2017 06 05

That is how I Would Writ Your Date, Your Perception of Time.  Time is Your Greatest Illusion.  It is the distance between the thought and the realization of it which is always absolute, the not knowing of it defeats the absolution of it, thus diminishing the Power of it.  My actual Hand Writ, with Ink, Call I Make Set (Calligraphy), and Paper (Old Parchment) is My most Powerful Magic.  I could have done it years ago.  Had I known Your Magic so Well then, I would have.  Though My Book is Powerful, too.  Your Bible took 2000+ years.  My Book took Seven, though that ‘Matrix’ was set up for Me, and that’s why You were told seven is Heaven.  It was published almost exactly seven years ago.  Peace Will be accomplished in seven days, as the world was created in Your Bible.  They gave Me Codes in Your movies, I am the Hero in every one I See.  I learned Karate for one year and was known as “Sean Claude van Damme” for about two years after, was only permitted to spar with the black, blue and brown belts in training, never competed.  One year was all I needed, just the basic moves, Your movies teach Me the rest.  I don’t have the flexibility for it anymore but the basic moves are deeply programmed and in dangerous situations when I am forced to defend for fear of death or serious injury (like any of You), God force takes over and everything I’ve learned is like a computer program, time slows down, I can move at lightning speed if necessary.  The truth is I’ve never really thought any of the rest of You are any different and You’ve all heard of experiences of God taking over in near death situations.  I have the knowing of that protection at least until My Mission was accomplished.  That’s why I don’t die, My Work for Him is Done, that’s how powerful My Magic is.  The ONLY thing I didn’t have was a date, an ending for My Book.  Now I do.  20170605.  Universal Pictures Presents…

I am the Neo in Your Matrix and I am the Serpent, Sean, Ssss, who Will temp You with the knowledge of God.  You wanted it and did God not promise that all You as King in His name is done for You?  There would be a price.  You would forget how well You knew His Glory first or You would never walk away.  It’s really that Simple, See…  Gemini, Silver tongue, Serpent, Liquid Limitless Mind, Your Silver Surfer…  I am all that.  You don’t think they know I’m here?  You don’t think they have been anxiously waiting for Me, hoping everything is going okay?  Don’t You think they want to know how perfect their Magic is?  I’m pretty sure they know exactly where I am and probably have My whole life.  I am sure that’s why they don’t pick Me up on the two warrants but police don’t know and they leave it on My file in hopes the police Will harass Me and I’ll lose My cool.  They have to make sure I am behaving My Self.  And honestly, even I had a lot of growing up to do.  So let’s forgive and forget and enjoy the new world that Will be the beginning of the best summer You have ever known.  Big promise, huh?  Yeah, only God does shit like that!  Word, God is Cool.

They, the ones You perceive to be Your enemies Created Me, they were Your Gods before Me but they are My best friends and You Will not hurt them or jail them or do any such thing to any leader of any country or harm any Man for any reason.  I mean it.  Read this and start behaving, You do all act like children.  And that’s okay because You haven’t had a chance to Play in a long Time and that’s what We are going to do now.  But before We can do that, everyone needs to relax and pretend We are getting popcorn and drinks before the big show.  Okay?  I am going to PROVE everything I’m telling You without checking another detail.

201 – Door on the Matrix (part of the Key)

201 – Also = 3, Holy Trinity, Holy Spirit (not ghost)

7 – Number for Heaven, Seventh Heaven (Psyche)

6 – Number for Peace, Six is also Serpent, Sex, Temptation in Psyche

5 – Vitruvian Man, Perfected Man, Mind of God, Fibonacci, V, Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vicci (was for Me specifically)

Now, the date again:

(201)7 06 05 = 37 06 05

Christ (37), Peace (7), “Five” is the number of pentagram, a five-pointed occult magic star, that is spread in all directions in search of perfection.

And just to clarify, the perfection, although it does refer to My Mind specifically, it also applies to all of Man.  That was the perfect alchemy.  I am the Philosopher Stone or whatever.  It’s also the number of the Hierophant (Elephant) in the Tarot.  Still think I’m not the One?

Also, Peace, the Seventh Day Will be a SUN Day.  And first song to Play on radio when I was born for My mom, was “You are the sunshine of My Life”, Stevie Wonder.  In Japan I as King to the Universe to Play Imagine for My mom to let her know God is always with Me.  The song played on TV five minutes after she read My e-mail.  Trust Me, it’s over kids.  Let’s have some fun.  I wanna Sing and Dance.  I was the Magus in the Tarot today!

Check it with any of Your Bible prophecies.  It Will fit somehow.  Cross check it with My new beginning, too though.  My guess is that all the codes in Your Bible Will match with the date I am Giving You and 2017 06 05 Will be last day of Your Anno Domini Calendar.  Not sure if You Will keep dates anymore.  I declared My Birthday before making any astrological associations because I know the Magic I Cast.

And for My Occult Friends, I Will not Say what these Say to Me but I Will Let You Know what the Tarot Said to Me Today…

Fire (and I use the Fantasy associations for Your Elemental Associations):  DEATH

Water:  8 of Cups, Prudence

Wind:  Knight of Disks

Earth:  6 of Wands, Victory

Thoth Deck, First Operation of the Opening of the Key Spread if anyone has any interpretations I’d Love Your Thoughts.  Blessings.



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