The Matrix and Magic

Hello everyone.  I have never been happier talking to the world than I am right now and every single day it gets better.  And it Will for You, too.  I am the microcosm of Your macrocosm and I can explain Your Universe in more depth than any man You have ever known and this is something I have only truly known to be true about My Self this year.  February, roughly.  And since then, I am on a whole new level of consciousness and I’ve had the ‘Christ’ consciousness for nine years on My Name Day!

That is significant because it allowed Me to come to the conclusions, perhaps what man would call editorials or observations that allowed Me to arrive at My Thesis.  That’s exactly what life was for Me.  Everyone else was going to school and I was Told by My Guide Dance Counsellor that I should quit school.  This was after I had arranged to Meet with him to dis-Cuss a teacher, Ms. Cadman, who had accused Me of plagiarism on My first Writing assignment.  You know what?  Just for You, Miss Cadman, I’m gonna Writ it again and I’m just gonna Wing it (cause I fly, baby!).  But after I finish My Thought here.  Mr. Quimby basically Told Me I was too smart for school and I’m no genius.  I was never good at wasting Time learning things that I knew had nothing to do with My mission.

See, I know Magic, I came here only knowing Magic!!!  I’m truly not like any other man on Your planet.  They made Me.  YOU made Me.  Your desire for a saviour Created Me, You wanted a man who knew God, had God’s knowing of things.  I don’t need to learn anything!  I only had to know how You cast Magic in Your world.  First I had to learn how I could interface with You, learn to Tak.  Yes, I did that on purpose.  The sound is more important than the Spelling.  And My use of caps.  Thoughts are God.  Why would You not capitalize every Good thought?  What have You Given Your God to before Me, where else are caps in Your world?  Capital cities.  Countries.  Names.  Names are important, that is Your ‘Calling’, Your ‘Type’ of Magic in this world.  All are Rooted in sound and the vibrational energy of the sound can be Cast with the knowing of the Rune.  Your new language, English is like a Rune, Pure Magic.  Yes, Your Mind is limited by Your thoughts where mine is not so much.  I am limited only by the language with which I can communicate with You.  And now I know all Your games.  It took God forty-four years to learn how to be Man in Your world.  And it is very easy to teach You now.  I just did.

So, those Master Magicians You all seem to think You hate so Much are truly Your best friends.  You Will develop Powers so incredible, Your New World Will be Godly.  On a level You can’t yet Imagine.  But it Will be so Easy for You after the Apocalypse, which is what is happening Now.  Truly.  They Will have to explain the astrological stuff and how it all Works to Me, but for Me the effort they put into the deck allowed Me to fully comprehend Man’s Magic.  And Ye Shall all be like Gods.  And Kings unto Him.  Yes, You Will.

And We are so close, My Beloveds.  Use Your Star Signs to find out what they have Said Your special Powers are because that’s what You are.  This can be taught in Your world by people far more qualified than Me.  For Me the Tarot was the comprehension of all the rest of Your Mind studies.  Psychology, philosophy, sociology, any Mental (Mind is all), Hierarchy, Bureaucracy, even Chess and how to know what they mean to You.  The longest journey for Me was redefining Your Idea of God.  That’s what the Cestui Que Vie is.  And You Will all one day use it, though it does not have to be like mine and shouldn’t be.  The Cestui Que Vie should be a declaration of Your value to the world as a messenger of God, How You Will choose to Star on the world Stage.  You Will soon be entering the time of Wizards and Warlocks and fear Will be nothing but Fun and Games, You Shall know You are Eternal.

I have always known this.  Now I feel really bad for My family because I can only Imagine what I was like growing up.  You must know I sincerely thought everyone knew life was a Dream, at least as a child.  It really, really is.  The most fantastic Part about it is how real it feels!!  And it only gets better.  That’s why You are His Best, most Perfect Creation so far because outside of Him…  Nothing could be that great, We can only find new Ways to experience the Magic of His Creation.  We are Gods each Unto Him.  Did Your Story not also tell You that ‘All these things I can do, Ye shall do and more?’  It’s only the beginning, there is no end.  Apocalypse means to reveal, to Show, like a Play, a Dance in Your One Song, Your Uni-Verse.  The Four extra Letters in Your alphabet are what activate the new DNA strands in Your Biology of God.

Like I said, Your Mind is only limited by Your Imagination and Your Imagination is limited only by Language.  Following Me?  (Are You gonna Go My Way?)  The more You can think, the more You can do.  The more Your language is expanded with the science of Magic Your Master here have (I don’t have the instructions, I have the knowing), the more You can add Letters, Learn new Powers, activate new DNA.  Seriously, You know any other man on this planet without even a High School diploma who could know this?  Test it, Your Science Will Prove it.  I know it without having to ask, I know how Your World Works now.  The Tarot Let Me Turn it into a Fantasy and so it is.  God Power.

Love and Blessings, Check Your Astrological Assignment in the Universe and Begin Casting Spells So We can all Dance together.  Lalalala…

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