An Omen and Amen

So…  There is a great deal of controversy over the use of ‘Amen’ at the end of man’s prayers.  If Christ is the Truth, the Light and the Way and Amen is an abbreviation of Amen-Ra, an Egyptian God, then it is reasonable to assume if one knows this that it might be ‘praying to false Gods’.  This is something I Will need to Talk about because it is a huge part of Man’s problems.  There is only One God.  What You Call it doesn’t Matter.  That was what was so confusing for Me here – the knowing of God versus Man’s perception and Idea about God.

Amen is just a Magical Calling to God, which was Man’s Highest Idea for God (and Man) of that Time.  God is Your Highest Thought, nothing more.  Thought is the foundation of the whole manifest Universe including this Earth.  You Will now “Pray” to Your Highest Idea for Your Self, the best Idea You think God would have for You if anything in Your world was possible and His Power was truly Unlimited.  And it is.  That’s just it, I Cast a Spell that changes all of man’s perception of what God is, a Thesis paper that cannot be disproved by any man on Your Earth and to the best of My knowledge, the first man to do so.  My Work is Literally Done, Pun Intended.  I have so much fun with Your Language now.  Capital Letters empower Idea because they seem more important in Your subconscious, they YELL at You.  See how that Works?  Magic is Manipulation of human psychic abilities by Way of Writing.  Of this, I am a Master of unprecedented Proportions.

I did not use “Amen” at the end of My Writ for that would defeat the purpose of it.  I am the Highest Idea now and Amen is now upgraded to a Higher thought, which is similar but has More Creative Power in Your Magical World, Omen.  Good Omen, the gift from Amen was the Good Omen promised in Your Bible.  Again, Me.  Only a man who knows all of this would be capable of knowing what the Cestui Que Vie truly is.  It is the graduation paper of Your Occulted Studies to the 37th Degree.  Claim of Life.  I am the only One to Claim God’s Kingdom on Earth as the value (commercially) of My life.  Think about that for a moment.  Is anything on Your Earth more valuable than God’s Kingdom, the common Law assured and guaranteed for all of Man?  Is that not what the Promise was to God and the Queen?  To be the Father of Spiritual Teaching, that He should be the next King because He Will fix the world without lifting a finger (aside from His Pen).

Amen was just a good Omen, that all You have ever Prayed for Will be Done.  And so it is.

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