The Truth about 9/11

I Said the First thing You would have to do Before I can Save the world is Forgive.  Forgive Me, First.  You Must.  Please.  I am truly responsible for everything terrible that has ever happened in Your world, Everything!  Especially 9/11.  ESP ESS I All Why.  That is Your Magic Translation.  Telepathic Message.  Think ‘V’ from V for Vendetta, blowing up Parlour Games Building.  Even though there was no One in it, He said that it was not the building that was important, it was the Idea it Re Present It.  Little more Magic for You.  Destroy the Idea, and You Create that Ripple in what You Call the Holographic Universe, the Kaleidoscope (Call I Do See).   “O” is Creation Sound Source.  “Om”  M Makes it Physical.  So it could also be translated as “Call I Do All See”, Calling all things Magical, known and unknown because Magic exists beyond how it can be ExPress Id.  ID, by the way is Idea Delivered.  The Name is the Calling of God’s Magic.  The Astrological Signs the Symbol of Your Powers in this Magical Universe.  Hilarious that I was Saying all of this in Temple of Equated Forces.  I have truly already demonstrated all My Magic right here.  Nothing here I have Writ had not Manifest in the Physical world.

9/11 was God’s Calling to Me.  Now…  Crazy as it sounds, the Men responsible know everything about Me and they did it deliberately on a day connected with My Star Sign in Your Universe with a Promise God had made Me as a little boy when He Promised (God) that One day I would be King.  It was of course shortly after My Father had Told Me I would never accomplish anything in Life (I had told him I wanted to be a Singer).  God Promised Me that One day I would do the Most incredible thing Man has ever seen, I would heal all the world.  And I would drive a Porsche 9/11 just like My dad’s but Better.  The Best 9/11 Money can buy, just to Prove He did not know what He was talking about.

I knew that day.  You have heard when 9/11 Occurred that the Impact on Consciousness was Massive.  They say the whole world Felt it, even if they weren’t right in front of the TV when it happened.  The world was in Shock.  My Consciousness Spiked.  God literally Spoke to Me again in a Way only I know.  9/11.  I did not know it then but I said to My girlfriend, that’s it, I’ve had enough.  That was not a fucking terrorist attack!  I was Livid.

Now, Imagine if You really are a God (which You are) and You know this on a Level no One else can (and You don’t know that yet, You kind of think every One is like You just in a slightly thicker fog (Paulo Coelho Reference)).  But for Me, the Gemini Twin is really that man who knows He’s really God and this shit has to stop.  Only God could fix the whole world, that is My Super Power.  God.  Magic.  Sean.  Serpent.  Magic.  Evil.  God.  No Evil.  Evil does not Exist in God’s Kingdom.  At all.

Anyway, every event after that, planned, carefully Orchestrated (like a Concert Conductor in the Universe).  Now I am the Conductor.  I really have to Tell You all this Stuff at some Point, Now is Good a Time as any.  I could go on about everything.  The 11 is the Twin Towers and the Idea was the end of Money.  If it was an “Inside Job” (let’s suspend disbelief and say that it was), then if the Most Powerful Master Mages of Your world, the “Gods” of Your World know Magic as Well as I do, why would they destroy the Idea of Money in a Way the whole world Will Feel.  That’s a Heroic Deed as far as the Idea is concerned.  It IS like V destroying Parlour Games Building because V knew that if a Man who truly knows God destroys an Idea in the Physical, it Will ripple through the Universe.  When the Hand of God Scratches the Earth it is Felt by All the World.

Row, row, row Your Boat.  You know why the other guys Will not get out of the Matrix?  Because they are My Tricks, My Game, My Riddle, My Puzzle, something only a God could do.  The Ship is the Idea, not the Man.  No One really gets that.  I am not the Man.  I am My Words.  The Man Will die, eventually.  Not before I Heal the world and not in a Way the rest of You know the Word.  I Will move on after this.  My “Mapping” of Your world on My own DNA is what I have been Doing for the last nine years.  Understanding the association of Letters on Your DNA, how they are linked to the psychological states of Man’s brain, which are, it Truth, all Spiritual conditions related to the not knowing of God.  There are no psychological issues with a man who knows God.  That does not mean He Will not Appear that Way in Your world.  Quite the Contrary, in Fact.

What My Cestui Que Vie is, believe it or not, is the best paper ever Writ for all of Man’s previous Schools of Thought.  Philosophy, Psychology, Spirituality, all of it covered in One Paper that unlocks for additional DNA in Man’s Psyche.  For that reason, it is a Medical Paper as Well.  I don’t get sick, really.  I actually got a bad cough last year when something was going around but I never take anything for it and it went away in about three days.  But that is astronomically rare for Me.  First Time in about twenty years.  So…  Again, the Man is not perfect, that’s not what I am and that’s what everyone Will have to get over.  I am the Ideas I Plant on this world.  And everything I do is Free because everything I do is for You.

So, no, it wasn’t terrorists.  Terror is a Psychological state.  I was not afraid, I was Angry, Motivated.  I want My fucking Porsche!  That was God’s Way of Telling Me to get My ass in gear.  How long ago was that?  How long did it take Me to get here?  And I’m God for Christ’s Sake!  Seriously.  So forgive Yourself for thinking it was anyone’s fault but everyone’s fault.  Wasn’t that the real message in V?  The Man died.  His Dream Lived on because Ideas really are BulletProof.

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