Alpha-Mail Versus (Sing) Alpha-Male

Re-Writing Your Program Called Eng Lish.  Your 26 Letter alphabet Will be remapped to correspond with Your DNA.  YHWH Will become ABCD.

Amen is Ah Man.  Ah Mana.  AhhhMen.  Ohmen, Omen, Om.  Sound of Creation, followed by Man.  See how A is the first letter on Your DNA strand?  B is the feminine, the Love of God, A is the Mind of God.  C is Mind of God, D is Love of God.  And continue on until You get to Z.  The next two Will be 0 0, but the knowing of all letters Will be the same, so A and B Will be like rethreading Your string, and it becomes and Infinite chain.

All numbers equal 0 and all numbers equal 2.  I Will have to reteach Mathematics.  Don’t worry, God’s math is much easier, it doesn’t go past 10.  All letters equal 0, too.  Everything is nothing and nothing is everything.  That’s why 2=0=2.

Funny thing is, I’m not sure how You use it but Your scientists do.  I already have all those DNA activated as they should be.  That’s how My DNA knows language.  All Letters have the same value because everything is God.  But for Your Mind and belief to change, You Will have to associate all letters with their appropriate correspondence on Your DNA strand, it’s the “program” running Your life.  I’m giving it an upgrade.

They already have My blood, I donated a few times in My life (O negative, it seemed My Duty).  I stopped when I gave up ID because they won’t let You without it.  Silly people.  If only they knew.  Their loss.  So…  I don’t know how man figured it was assigning anything to anything anyway, that’s for Your Steven Hawking type people to try to answer.  200+ IQ and he’s trying to prove mathematically that God does not exist.  This is what man calls Intellect?  Hmmm.  Just goes to show You that if You believe something enough, You can prove just about anything and it Will make sense to You.  When he’s done his math, ask him how he accomplished the task without God’s help.  Very curious about that, Mr. Hawkings.  Write Me an equation when You’re done to explain why Your heart keeps going, I am sure that Will be an exciting book of fiction, too.

So I don’t know what they can do with it.  There is nothing wrong with Your science, it’s Your belief.  Everything is wrong until You know everything is right.  0 = 2, everything = 0.

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