Reply from Attorney General’s Office

5th of Iyyar, 5777.  An Auspicious Day, In Deed.  And Exactly Five weeks before My 44th Name Day, no coincidences.  I received the following reply (received Jan. 17th by the Way) from the attorney general’s legal department this morning:

This Will be Wonderful fodder for those whom presume to be authorities of Law.  This is also a perfect example as to why My Cestui Que Vie is relatively useless to anyone but Me.  Believe Me when I Tell You, these letters Tell Me very plainly and clearly that they know exactly who I am.  Not likely the poor fool of a lawyer who was instructed to handle My letter knows who I am, but those who forwarded My documents to his department know very Well what My letters mean.  As is typical, rather than answer Me themselves, they have as King to a lawyer rather than an- Swear (answer) to Me.

Some so called guru’s in the legal community would love to tell Me that if I cash cheques I am reducing My status to that of a slave all over again.  That is the critical mis-‘tah-King’ people have – that God’s Kingdom could be taken in the first place and that it could ever be kept from You once it’s been claimed.  If You believe this to be true in any Way You are not a true King.

I know what should be done with a Cestui Que Vie trust when it is claimed.  Not My problem those in the legal community don’t.  Haven’t You been Told, ignorance of the law is no excuse?  A public notice RETURNED to Me?!  It is not an option for them, it is a public notice, not a request.

Again, to be King, One must think like a King.  This letter is a disgrace to law, as are the returned, stamped documents.  Blatant, prima-facie evidence of disregard for the common law when a common law court is being demanded for justice.  And by a legal department, no less.  There is a superior court in Guelph to have these default judgments properly addressed.

Every act, every use of My name in any commercial or civil law fiction is a violation of My covenant with God, using My name in Vein.  And You know what they say about using the Lord’s name in Vein.  They can no longer claim they didn’t get God’s memo…

Finally, the letter reads in the final paragraph, “there is nothing more we can do for you in this regard and our file is closed”.  No further correspondence will come from that agency because they cannot.  Commercial admiralty jurisdiction has no right, authority or standing to challenge My claims and that is all the letter is really saying.  My claim needs to be made in an international court of law if I want these charges addressed in a common law court.  And I’m beginning to think I do.  😉


  1. Hi Sean I have been reading alongside you these days. Your old friend Tracey Here. You are clearly back in Guelph. WE should connect. Miss you and cherish our awsome discussions as teens, wonder how far you have grown since then in person. your posts show me you have evolved in your ability to write, and think. Keep in touch Tracey (Bergman) Marques

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