To Exit the Matrix

Today I am Writing for those who are still finding their ‘Way’.  It is very difficult for Me now to not want to help every single person I know find their Way to where I am now.  It was My first instinct, the first promise I had made to My Self was that I would share My information freely with anyone else who sincerely wanted to know.  Yet in many Ways, I really am like Jesus because it’s like I’m speaking in parables to others.  Everyone seems convinced they have been duped, that someone else is responsible for all the heart ache suffered.  Nothing could be further from the Truth.  So this post is for all My friends whom have provided Me with the Wealth of information necessary for Me to reach this level of understanding.

First, I’m not worried about using Words like understanding, though I was cautious about the use of such Words when conversing with those in legal study groups I’ve been a part of.  My knowing of the Word in a document is more important than their interpretation of it, always.  That is the very first step and why so many are so confused about everything.  I Will support everything I am Writing here with information You can research and verify Your Self.  I’m not good with dates, so I forget when a lot of the laws were created exactly, but I know the root of them, which is most important.  The Root of the Law is the Foundation of Law.  Remove the foundation and the legal system fails, chaos and disorder, anarchy.

This is the fear.  This is why many feel no one should ever be allowed ‘out’ of the Matrix of man’s laws.  It’s also why the legal system that is in place now is so perfect.  It really is.  The Idea that a world without man’s laws would be chaotic is proof that the laws are necessary.  Period.  Maybe not for everyone, maybe some know how to behave perfectly well without having to be Told.  But much of the world still does not and those in the law communities I have known who are considered respectable and trustworthy would fully agree with Me.

Yes, religion is the foundation of law in Your world and You should be thankful.  Because regardless how corrupt a religion may become, only those occupying the church or attending its service are truly responsible for its corruption and the Intention behind the church is good, even if all of what is taught is not necessarily God’s Word, there are some very good guidelines.  The ten commandments and the example of Christ.  That’s how You are supposed to behave, like Christ.  Not just one, special man – every single one of Us, regardless Your sex.  No one has shown they are mature enough yet, hard as that may be for most to accept.

The foundation for Roman Civil law and Maritime Admiralty Commercial laws (and all in between) are first rooted in common law, God’s Law.  Only God could appoint Kings and Queens so their authority could never be questioned, they were responsible for doing the good work, stewarding God’s Earth until man became spiritually mature enough to behave, and thus were responsible for creating all of man’s current laws.  Freedom and liberty for man has been on the increase, steadily for thousands of years and has accelerated exponentially in the last few hundred years and the creation of the Magna Carta.

That document has as much power today as it did when it was created.  King’s would be made accountable for offenses against the common law and not considered fit to be King if they failed to do so.  This is a Word We know in Our English society today as Honour.  Over time, We have developed systems and charters endeavouring to protect the common law in most countries of the world, despite Our personal political beliefs and opinions, each leader is managing their people as they believe to be best.  Some with the strict, harsh hand of the father, others with the benevolent love and freedom of a mother.  The laws have taken care of You and in most situations, those who are in trouble with the law, deserve to be.  I am no exception.  If I had never been arrested, I would never have studied law, it was important for My growth.  Although the situation was unpleasant, it was seven years ago now and for the most part, police have been pretty good to Me since, truthfully.  Because I am polite and I don’t resist, even when I think they are wrong.  I also don’t hurt people or steal things, drink and drive or do other stupid things.  I do smoke the odd joint but I’m not arrogant about it, I keep it discreet if I’m not at home.

The Idea and premise of common law and the right of Kings is that each man is a King, male or female, it is an archetypical Idea in Your Mind, not an actual thing.  It is a title, a character in the world’s drama and a serious responsibility.  It is a Duty to uphold the common law wherever a King goes.

All the Roman Civil and Commercial Admiralty Laws were created by the Roman Catholic Church, the authority of spiritual teaching by Way of Cannon Law.  What if I Told You that even the colonization of new lands and the conversion of old religions to Christian is not a bad thing?  It seems it, believe Me I know how it can seem that Way.  But all things that have been done are not by the people You presume oppress You.  It is done by the people who carry out the orders.  No man dies at war if no soldier shows up to fight.  What if they really did know the power of God better than any man on earth could with the level of consciousness available?  And that all would be forgiven when the world realized this knowing would one day heal all the world, every colour of skin, every country.  And man would never need religion again.

So, if common law is God’s law, then who is the authority of God on Your Earth now and why has it never been challenged?  The fact that most people trying to get ‘out’ of the Matrix are chasing after a piece of paper is proof they have no Idea who they really are.  All I was really trying to do was learn enough about law to stand in court for My Self without needing a lawyer and now I have too much capacity and standing to be in any civil or commercial court in Canada – and that’s how the game works, folks.  And that’s how I knew what My new position meant.  The main difference between the letter I received from the lawyer of the Attorney General’s office and other letters of reply I have seen is that they are not recommending I seek legal advice, counsel or an attorney.  ‘our file is closed’.  It also closes with “Yours truly,” and real man’s name, not his corporate title.

If it is done right, there should be nothing about You on the public record, they have no right to any of it anymore.  That’s why My notice for the public record documents were returned to Me and stamped as having been received.  They do own the all caps name and they can have it!!!  It won’t disappear, it is just dead and they know it.

My own, private personal documents begin with My Cestui Que Vie, the value of My life on this planet is unlimited, non commercial and of an ecclesiastic nature.  I have evidenced that it was made known to the appropriate public offices and carry the original documents along with the registration numbers of the offices to which they were sent.  My last letter was presented to Me exactly as it should have been, on top of all other documents sent, the Cestui Que Vie (copy) stamped as received directly beneath his letter.

It says that the claim, “has not been issued by or filed in a court of law.  As your letter is not a properly issued claim or application, it is my intention to take no further action in response to it.”

Again, this would lead many people to believe I’ve made some kind of mis-Take.  No one has or ever had any right to administrate the value of My life and no one ever Will.  The character that was created is not Me, never was, never will be.  The man was abused, not the character, SEAN VON DEHN.  Keep in Mind, this is the office the Toronto Crown answers to and a follow up letter because the Toronto Crown did not reply.  My letter specifically speaks to the warrants for the arrest of that character which no longer exists.  I cannot exist in their fiction at all.  If they were to try and drag Me into their courtrooms, they know all too well that I Will overturn the court into My jurisdiction.  They don’t want Me to do that, though it’s very tempting.  If they wanted Me in their courts, the Attorney General would have ‘refreshed’ My invitation.  They don’t ever want to hear from Me again.

A law suit for money for damages is kind of silly, really.  Unless You broke a window or something and want to pay to replace it.  But money in exchange for hurting someone?  Where did this Idea come from?  If I go into one of their courts and sue for the damages as claimed in the letters, I would win very quickly.  They Will never give Me a court date and they will never pick Me up on the charges now that they know I can handle My Self in court.  They Will never let Me stand in a commercial admiralty or civil court because the living man does not exist in fiction.

The living man only exists in common law jurisdiction, which is the jurisdiction of God, the Kingdom of God.  Man is the life, not the paper.  So if a man claims he is ‘out’ of the Matrix, a private person, sovereign, freeman or whatever and he’s still using money, working, running a business or whatever, he is still a child and not really sovereign.  The first man who is truly sovereign, Will free every other man.  This is where most get stuck because they get ‘out’, or believe they are, and are trying to file all kinds of papers into the same fiction for remedy, getting things notarized or whatever, trying to find a way to ‘cash in’ on their new ‘estate’.

I deliberately made a claim for eleven million and change as something of a security.  I want them to know what it Will cost them if I am made to appear in their courts and that’s why they won’t take Me.  Money only exists in commercial admiralty courts and civil courts, not common law courts.  I now have a default judgment received by the Attorney General’s legal department, respectfully declining to answer to the charges because they cannot be addressed in the court that issued the warrant, they don’t have jurisdiction.  A properly filed claim Will be one place with the Superior Court of Canada which I Will do on Wednesday.

In short, the most critical mistake most who claim to be out make, is that they claim to own everything in their name.  I am the Creator of that which I Create, but what I Create is My Gift and My Wealth, not someone’s else’s Idea about who or what I should be.  I am here for the world, not for Me.  That’s the difference, I just want to give it all away.  And I Will.

I’m going to finish some Art work but I haven’t really posted much of My Art on My Blog so I’m going to post what I’m working on before I get back to it.  Almost done, I Will post again when finished. 🙂

Love and Blessings.





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