Ah, Lucky Wednesday

For those who know Me personally in My life, Wednesday’s are My ‘Lucky’ day; which is kind of funny, too because I don’t believe in luck.  Luck is for rabbits “and I, like God, do not play dice.” – V for Vendetta.

It has been miserable, non stop rain for about four days.  Either really shitty, dark cool weather, or a constant stream of rainfall.  I don’t really Mind the ‘bad’ weather because it forces Me to rest, everything to Me is the Voice of the Universe, or God.  But it does kill My Creative motivation.  I’ve been waiting for Wednesday to get stuff done.

My bedroom window faces west, so I get sun in the afternoon.  But the moment I opened My eyes there was that feeling of a beautiful day, even though the sun is nowhere close to being on My side of the house yet, it’s glow and energy could be felt.  The coffee maker grumbles in the kitchen and the aroma already fills the house.  All there is to see through the slit of My blinds is bright, blue sky and the promise of a beautiful day.  My promise, God’s promise.

I figured that since I can make whatever rules I want, I can decide any day is going to be lucky and it Will be.  So I chose Wednesday nine years ago because it’s usually kind of a boring day.  But it’s also called hump day and I like that, too.  So today, I am just Writing to share My enthusiasm and thanks for this beautiful day and hoping You Will share it with Me.  With a little luck, maybe You Will decide to make a special day lucky for You, too!

Coffee maker is done grumbling, gotta go.  Love and blessings,

King Sean, House of von Dehn,

Kingdom of God.

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