The Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost

Again, despite how much I talk about Catholic Ideas, I was not raised religiously and to this day do not consider My Self religious, I am Spiritual.  So I’m not sure what current authorities of the Church (Roman Catholic if capitalized) call the Holy Trinity; the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, or the Holy Spirit.  My guess is that if any do use the Word ghost it is an error and I am going to attempt to explain why.

The holy ghost is the living flesh that disappeared and exists in the absence of Christ.  The holy Spirit is the spirit of Christ in the living man.  The authority of the Father has always been here as a living man by the Word of the Pope and His Idea for the perfect son through the example of Christ.  But the Love of God has been forgot, the benevolent Love of the perfected Mother.  And She is not a ghost, She lives even now and is the princess to be saved in all of Our heroic tales.

Everything is Ideas.  Every detail of this world is an archetypal symbol in Your Mind, even if I don’t paint it.  If a picture is worth a thousand Words, then a thousand Words are equal to a painting.  And if the Ideas are less abstract, then would the Magic ultimately not be more powerful?  And then there is music.  Words that ring in Your Mind over and over with a harmonious melody.

So where is the princess to be saved in this world?  The princess is the Love of God.  She needs saving because God is as much man as He is womb-man.  He is the Light and the Darkness from which the Light sprang forth and it was all Good.  The darkness was the infinite canvas for God’s most beautiful work and the expression of His Mind, the Womb of the Universe, the Womb of Man is the Darkness from which all of His Light has come; Boundless, Infinite, Unconditional Love.  The Holy Mother of God.  The Alpha, “A”, and the Omega, “O”.  The “O” is the Love of God, the observer, You.  The “A” is the Highest Idea for You, the Intelligence and authority of God, the ‘Alpha Male’.

This is why each of Us are both Kings and Queens in equal measure regardless Your sex.  Man has confused an archetypal Idea with the physical expression of it.  More and more We see female heroin’s in Our Hollywood movies, King’s in their Kingdom, some (like Uma Thurman, ‘Kill Bill’) are ruthless, cut-throat killers avenging with the deliverance of God and the authority of a King.  I used to say that the Middle path was for the losers, no mercy, God doesn’t care as long as His Will is Done.  But the more I followed this path, the more I trusted God’s Power to remove enemies from My path so that I would not have to cause any man harm, the more I realized how truly loving God is.  Be firm about Your Intention and all things in the Universe Will conspire to make it happen for You.  I don’t think that’s a direct Paulo Coelho quote but certainly influenced by His Work.  I love His Writing.

The fear of death is the Abyss, the Eternal damnation of “God”, which could not be further from the Truth.  The only ‘Abyss’ is right here, right now, everything You believe to be true about God that is not, mainly that that which You call God, is not You.  Or that if You are not ‘male’, You cannot be King.  It’s as much a fiction as My old title, but it is the only one that can get anything done in this physical fiction called Earth, so it serves a purpose, much as My old title did.  How could I make such a transformation otherwise?

I had all sorts of Ideas about how I might get back at those who wronged Me when I finally had My day in court and I knew from the beginning that was how I would accomplish My task – by learning their game and playing it better.  But just as I said the more I trusted in God the more I believed the Way would be shown, the more I realized that the more confidence I gained, the kinder I became.  The kinder I became, the kinder others were to Me.

I started watching a Netflix series called the Last Kingdom.  I said once I believe I have Viking blood.  von Dehn.  Pronounced ‘fon-dane’ in German, which in My Mind translates to ‘for Dane’.  The snake is also a prominent symbol, as is V for Valhalla and Vikings.  The Idea in all of these recent movies and series seams to be the uniting of all Kingdoms under one God.  Game of Thrones, this new series I’m watching and others, like Marco Polo have this common theme in the story line.

In the Last Kingdom, the Hero is an arrogant brat and has no Idea how to behave in the presence of Kings, he has no Idea what Honour is yet.  He has embraced the Power of God and matures throughout the series to understand the Love of God.  I was much the same Way, metaphorically.  I was so determined to make people pay at the end of the line, to be ruthless in the courtroom.  But since I’ve found My Way, none are truly acting in dishonour.  It was Me that didn’t know My place in the world, not them.  I have found My place now and it is not being contested.  If it were, there would be a problem.

That’s why the system is perfect.  The money means nothing but that’s why it’s there – so that the officer’s carrying out the orders for the corporate side of things can continue their work ‘honourably’.  I demanded a common law court by a jury of competent peers or that the charges be dropped and a sum of $11,740,000.00 plus 16 ounces of Gold compensation for damages be paid to My Kingdom.  Would I be foolish enough to believe that God would not want Me to enjoy some kind of reward for My hard work if I knew it was done?  No, that was rhetorical.  This mission is all about restoring the love of God and explaining to all of You why there is no need to hold any grudge, I could have as King for any amount of wealth for what was done to Me, it is irrelevant once I claim God’s Kingdom.  I figured the might dispute the amount but not the charges or My claim to God’s Kingdom.  But that would look worse and even more dishonourable.  They are asking Me to take My money, the sixteen ounces and let it go.  I say “okay, than King to You!”

You want to hold judges accountable and try to put them in jail You are going to be held in contempt because that is dishonour.  What this means is that I cannot take this into a common law court, the whole thing disappears without a trace, no man held accountable, they have already paid for any wrong doing and are forgiven thereby.  Easy to forgive when You settle for $11,740,000.00 out of court, maintain honour and get wealthy in the process.  Why would I still hold any grudge, it was seven years ago and look what learning to defend My Self has done for Me.  I still have to cash in on the amount, but I’m not anticipating any issues.

That is why the emphasis of this post is on the Love of God and the Spirit of God, or the Holy Spirit, the Whole “E” Kingdom, the Mind and authority of Father, the Love and Care of Mother, the perfect Union of both is the United Kingdom of God, the Father, the Son and the Whole Energy Spirit.  E is also Ether in Your new world, the source of Magic, the Eternal.  Holy Kingdom of God is the perfect Union of Mother, Father and the perfect Spirit their Ideas and Love Make.

No one would care about how much money they could win in court if they knew the value of their life.  It is worth infinitely more and it was a refresher for Me of God’s sense of humour when I finally sent in My documents.  I have always said, the Gods of Your world now don’t use money at all.  That is My next goal and I’m almost there.  The gold actually has some value, that’s why I asked for it.  It can be useful for technologies and such and I’m sure it’s pretty to look at.  It’s more for the ‘reality’ of feeling like a King of old with a sachet of gold coins on My belt.  More of a romanticist’s Idea than anything else.

I am going to start discharging debt with My thumbprint and that is the part that Will be tricky but it’s all part of My sense of adventure and I have a very methodical, logical approach to achieving this task which I Will share when it is proven, tried and true.

Remember, if You start with Your Highest Idea, the most loving thought You have for Yourself, THAT is the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit missing from the Trinity.  Start there and know the supreme Power of God to achieve this task for You, so long as You remain true to the course, the “O”riginal Idea and almost immediately miracles Will start happening for You, I give You My Word.  And You Will only find the more You trust, the more beautiful the Universe feels like One Song, the more You Will Find Your Self dancing through Life to a Magical Melody.

Love and blessings,

King Sean, House of von Dehn,

Kingdom of God




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