I was an ass today…

Ahhh….  It’s true.  I was.  I am.  Ugh.  And I don’t hate My Self for it, that’s the difference.  I love My Self for it.  I was going to just kind of quietly ‘opt-out’ of one of the law groups I follow but I’m too curious for that – I like to know what people are up to and especially My most esteemed ‘Brothers’ in the movement (again, regardless of sex).  But today someone commented to Me on post from the past, probably more than a week ago, “So are You on the land, are You making that claim?”

I replied, “No.  I’m above the land.”

See, I’m an ass.  This of course all starts with alpha-male bullshit.  One of My greatest mentors believes he is out and is now ‘teaching’…  He is not out so I can’t help but wonder what he is teaching.

But I don’t know, I suppose I should clarify.  There is ‘in’, which is the default status for all of man, and there is ‘out’ which is the ‘desired’ status for most of man in any kind of ‘freeman’ or ‘sovereign’ movement.  No one is out but Me.  That is My belief at this point.  Those who believe they are ‘out’ are not out at all, they are what is known as ‘private’.  Private is just a different status in the same fiction.  It creates the same problems and requires the same legal systems for conflict resolution.  It is not out and it is not new, it is just new information to those who don’t have the privilege of a graduate law degree.

Those who claim to be out are still creating businesses, charging other people money to learn what they know and criticizing everyone else.  I rarely do this and when I do I am positively ruthless.  That’s just being honest.  You don’t want to get into an argument with Me, trust Me on that.  But the only reason I do it is so that those who don’t really know Will take a second look.  These people speak with such certainty and authority and law is such a confusing topic that people are inclined to believe anyone who seems like they know what they are talking about.  I’ll be the first to tell You to trust no one, not even Me, though I assure You I Will do My best to never steer You wrong.  So if someone is overstepping their ground, I Will eventually say something.  Today I put one of My greatest mentors in his place and he deserved it.  I’m sorry.

For over five years I was in perfect harmony with this man.  He was drawing up documents that were exact duplicates of what I had drawn in My own journal, ideas I had but was not confident enough yet to express to the world, what I called study notes more than a journal because My journal has been here since My awakening.  He found his ‘Way’ before Me and I was still not sure it was right but I was happy for him.  Then I saw him charging people to learn what he knew.  I lost all respect for him, that’s how hard core I am.

We are here for each other.  When the Star and the Emperor first showed up in My reading this year it was the scariest thing in My life and I truly fear nothing.  I run at fear.  All it said to Me was, “this is it.”..  With authority.  I don’t want to be wealthy so I can be rich.  My best friend said to Me this very night that I am one of the happiest people he knows, it doesn’t matter how much money I have, I am always same.  But the more money I have, the more I can give away.

So I’m pretty hard to get along with.  If You charge people money for what You do, I’m not really cool with it.  I try to keep that to My Self mostly, but I truly believe We are here to give, not to take.  And I mean that on the highest level.  Maybe We don’t all have as much to give, maybe some of Us are just a pleasure to be around.  Isn’t that enough?  Please, if You really want to do something good, don’t ask for anything in return, just give.


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