The Student of the Universe

One day, the student of the Universe, if He is determined and dedicated in His studies, Will become the Master.  Despite how much I’ve heard people in the law movement complain about the Word ‘Master’, I could never really understand why.

Mr. is abbreviation for Mister or Master.  Mast-or.  Mast-Oar.  The Mast provides the foundation for the Sail, (Sale), which Will harness the Wind and Power the Ship.  The Oar Will also help to Power the Ship, though the Oar is only Power, no Direction.  But as Mast and Oar, You are in complete control of Your Ship, Your Holy Vessel.  You are the Master of Your Holy Vessel.  The Holy Vessel is everything that comes after the Master, the man that blows Wind into the Sail’s of His Ship with the Power of His Word.

This entry is for a previous teacher of mine.  He is also the man I had Words with recently.  I care for this man very much, he was truly one of the most influential people in My life.  For over six months every teleconference He did was a direct answer to something I had Written in My own notes.  In the beginning He had it wrong but was on the right track and shortly after He found His Way.  The information this man provided was literally a gift from God.  He claimed to be ‘out’ at almost the same time I had finally found My Way, though his approach was completely different.  Now he is teaching and I don’t think he should be for two reasons.  The first, is that We are here to give and he is charging money or what he calls ‘even exchange for value’, based on his philosophy that his work is roughly seven years of hard study and nothing in life is free.  The other reason, is because it is very clear that he is still angry about what he believes was done to him which pretty much demonstrates why he shouldn’t be teaching.

I am still part of his mailing list and because I do not want to ‘trash talk’ anyone and do have tremendous respect for this man, I am not going to say who it is.  I continually discuss how there are no coincidences in My Universe and the e-mail I received from his mailing list today outlines his free teleconference tonight (this man does do hundreds of hours of free teleconference calls and one of the reasons I have so much respect for him):

“Salvage law is very old and dates back to medieval times, when men went to sea primarily to engage in commerce. A vessel in trouble often carried cargo worth as much or more than the ship itself, and the men attracted by her distress were just as likely to plunder her as to save her. Thus the core principle of salvage law has always been that honest men who risk their own lives and vessels trying to save other vessels should be very well rewarded.

Under current U.S. admiralty law, which conforms to international salvage law as laid out in the Salvage Convention of 1989, assistance rendered another vessel is considered salvage when:
1) the assisted vessel is subject to a reasonable apprehension of marine peril;
2) the assistance is voluntary; and
3) the assistance is successful in whole or part.

A successful salvor is NOT entitled to just keep the salved vessel, under any circumstances, but is entitled to a generous award. The amount of the award, under the law, is based on the following factors:
1) the value of the vessel and its contents after the salvage is complete;
2) the salvor’s skill and initiative in minimizing damage to the environment;
3) the degree of success obtained by the salvor;
4) the level of peril to which the salvaged vessel was subject;
5) the salvor’s skill and initiative in saving the vessel, human lives, and other property;
6) the salvor’s labor and expenses;
7) the amount of risk run by the salvor;
8) the promptness of the services rendered;
9) the availability and use of any alternative salvage resources; and
10) the readiness, efficiency, and value of the salvor’s vessel and equipment.

Consider all these factors together, and you’ll note they strongly favor the salvor. The idea being that salvors should not only be compensated for their time and trouble; they should also receive a substantial premium as an inducement to render assistance in the first place.”

What I find most ‘convenient’ about this last quote and the last sentence more specifically, is that it sounds like a direct defence against what I said to him in a personal message.  It sounds kind of like he is justifying his reason for charging for his services.  “they should also receive substantial premium as an inducement to render assistance…”

Perhaps I’m wrong and maybe He Will answer to this but it sounds like he’s saying that a man should be well paid to help another man.  The real premium is God’s Kingdom which has sufficient wealth to pay all the world’s debts.  It does not mean You make a man pay to know the same Kingdom!

Now consider the amount of the award under the law, once again reviewing My strategy since I’ve reclaimed My Vessel (God’s Kingdom).  What do I know My own value to be, how skillfully am I in minimizing damage to the environment, what degree of success have I attained, how much peril (pearl) was I subject to, how skillful am in saving lives and other property, how hard am I working and what are My expenses (are now ex-pence’s), what is the risk factor, how fast do I hope to get things done, the availability and use of alternative resources (salvaged property and God’s Kingdom), and finally, the readiness, efficiency and value of the vessel and equipment.

With a date of June 5, 2017 to fix all the world’s problems, I’d say I’m ranking pretty high on all those lists, especially in the readiness and efficiency categories.  The ‘great reward’, is how great I Will feel for finally seeing God’s Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  What greater reward could there be than that?

I have always known I was the Master of My Ship.  The problem is, it wasn’t My Sail, it was for Sale and I bought it, hook line and sinker (Sink Her!).  So I sunk Her.  The Wind of My Ideas were not directing My Ship, they were blowing over it and making the waters stormy, rocking My boat!  So now I am the Master of My King Ship, or Kinship with man.  I am the Idea (ship), the Power (twin(Gemini) turbo,Oars and Wind) and the Glory (the greatest value is the Glory of God’s Kingdom).

The greatest gift, best boat, and most watertight vessel is Your relationship with God.  So please, do Me a favour and Relay Sean-Ship of God as much as possible.  Spread the Word!

Oh, another thing I meant to point out is that the salvor is NOT entitled to keep the vessel under any circumstance.  That means You don’t charge for it, nor restrict access to it.  Period.  It is not Mine, it is the world’s.  I am the World, I am You, You are Me, We is just Me with the Magical ‘M’ upside down.

Love and blessings,


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