The Kingdom of Heaven Foundation

I figured that it was about time to get back to the Universal Picture and the Divine Plan God has for each of Us.  I am working on it.  And I suppose, really, this is the part people want to know most – how am I going to accomplish this task by June 5, 2017?

Well, My plan is pretty simple and basic, really.  To accomplish peace in the world, My Voice Will have to be heard by more people.  Generally, promoting My Self would be considered a weakness – I don’t really care about promotions.  I believe everyone who is meant to know Me Will know Me and that is enough.  I leave the little details like promotions to the Universe because only the Universe knows the perfect time.

My plan is to use My Cestui Que Vie Trust as the Foundation for Heaven – that’s what it is, after all, I must remain true to My Word.  So I am currently in the process of finding an institution that deals with Cestui Que Vie Trusts.  Once that is done, I plan to create a “Kingdom of Heaven Foundation” by authorizing the release of $37,000,000.00 CAD into a private account with six characters (six is the number for peace).  Even the number I chose is perfect.  10 digits (ten represents new age), 37 is the number for the Christ, 3 is the Trinity, 7 is Heaven, 6 zero’s before the decimal and 8 in total or 2 after, both of which equal zero which I Will explain again in another post.  I am going to do a full post on why 0=2.  As complicated and strange as it all may sound, I fully trust that nothing I do Will be a surprise or coincidence for anyone.

This Foundation Will be a corporation.  This is a new Idea for Me, one I am only sharing for the first time now.  Previously, it had been My intention to set up some kind of ‘Ecclesiastic, not for profit account’.  But that seems kind of pointless because My business model is perfect and everyone Will profit from it.  Again, the money is pointless.  So suggesting it is a ‘not for profit’ account would not really be fully honest.  It is better to be completely transparent in everything I do and explain that this foundation Will soon make all the people of the world wealthier and happier than they could have Imagined.

There is no ownership, either.  That is the other problem freemen are having is that they think being taken ‘off the land’ and placed on a commercial ship is a bad thing.  It’s not, it’s just never been under Your control, or Powered by the Winds of Your own Sale.  I docked My ship for a little while to make the necessary repairs to My Vessel and replace the Sail, it was obsolete.  Now, I am going to go back out onto the water with a Sound and Secure Ship, one that floats on the water perfectly and also has Wings to take to the Air if necessary.  There Will be no property, I am returning God’s Kingdom to You, not taking it away.

There are no commercial restrictions on a business plan that benefits all of man, nor can there be.  “I worked ‘x’ number of years to know this stuff, people want to learn, it’s gonna cost ’em, nothing in life is free…”  (random paraphrase of many rants I’ve heard)

Really?  The whole point for Me doing this was so that I could teach everyone else for free.  I thought when I succeeded (because I hadn’t really considered the reward much) that all I would achieve was the right to use land not currently being used by someone else and be left alone.  That’s what I wanted, to be left alone, to find a place in this world that was not governed by wealth, but goodness.  Where the amount of money in a man’s pocket did not determine how much he could eat, the availability of food in the world determines that.  God doesn’t need money, I do for man’s little fiction and now that I’ve claimed My Life, I Will not want for anything again.  Yes, it starts with Me as every significant change in the world does but the true hero shares his wealth with every man he meets.  That is My dream, to share God’s Kingdom with all of You.  Finding and recovering the Philosopher Stone is only half the Quest, the final stage is securing it for the goodness of the world.

So, I set up a private business account with six members and characters.  This is My Cast:  King Sean, King’s Hand, Peace, Love, Truth and Strength.  I, of course Will play King Sean and I Will appoint a local MP as My King’s Hand.  Each of the characters Will have equal access to the account and My proposal is that $37,000,000.00 will be more than sufficient to accomplish Peace in the world by June 5.  If not, I don’t deserve to call My Self King.  Don’t worry, I fail at nothing.

By appointing My local MP as King’s Hand, the government of the country of which I am currently King has an opportunity to observe My every move and ensure I am not abusing My authority.  Let’s face it, the business of politics is corrupt.  I tell the MP he’s fired for not knowing what to do with a Cestui Que Vie Trust and failing His Duty and Oath to God and the Queen.  I tell Him He can keep His job and a six million dollar bonus but He Will now be working for Me in secrecy to restore Honour and Glory to Her Grace, Glory and Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.  The local MP Will take care of all the boring political stuff I don’t want to deal with.

The other four members of the foundation Will be the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  They Will travel around with Me to record My Deeds, starting with the firing of My local MP.  As You can already see, it Will become fun and games very quickly for everyone involved and that’s why I know I’m the man for the job.  Those who have wronged Me Will answer to Me for their crimes and the only consequence Will a pitcher of water dumped on their Head.  This is important.  Why?  Because everyone is going to feel foolish when I tell them all they had to do was claim God’s Kingdom and everything in life is taken care of.  You can do it now.  Write on a plain piece of paper that You want to accept God as Your authority and His Kingdom as Your Own and all things Will be done for You.  Send it to Your Attorney General, any public official, or file it into any court, they all work for the Church.  Congratulations, You are now free!

It’s the follow up stuff that most people won’t know how to do which is what My little Crusade is all about and why it’s so important.  It Will also be Fun!  Life should be fun, people.  I’m going to show You how great Your current Gods are and how much better the real God is.  You were meant to sail so You could learn to fly.  Water in Your psyche represents the Love of God, the Princess that I said is in distress, the One I need to Save.  So when I show people how wealthy We all are, they are going to feel foolish and even the six million dollar bonus Will seem like nothing now that they too, have claimed God’s Kingdom.  The $37,000,000.00 just saves the ‘legal congestion’ that would be created by millions of people filing Cestui Que Vie declarations at once.  There is a lot of behind the scenes work involved in closing the accounts with the central banks as I’m sure You can all Imagine, especially to do it in such a Way that those contracts are all Honoured (paid back).  Again, this is why I’m the guy for the job because I know how to do it all without placing any burden on any politicians currently working in the government and without disturbing any government proceedings.  Everyone has survived well enough with the governments You have now and they Will continue to micromanage as they are now until My task is accomplished.

It is difficult to network these details without having a means of discharging the ex-Pence’s, the money I no longer owe and this Foundation Will serve all of those purposes.  It Will allow those working directly with Me as I make My Way to the world stage to enjoy the abundance and wealth of God’s Kingdom and cover My accommodation, travel and personal needs.  I am essentially lending money to Canada now, the money I create actually belongs to Me now, not the central banks.  So when I pay for things from this account, I am actually discharging the promissory notes I’m creating and returning the merchandise to the central banks, which are securing those assets for the Church.

$37,000,000.00 is more than enough for six people to live well, be generous in the local community and get to where I need to be by June 5.  I said just recently that I didn’t think there was time for all of these little details I had planned but the more I thought about it, the easier it seems.  I don’t need to start My campaign until the 31st of May, which just happens to be a Wednesday, My ‘lucky’ Day.  I chose this day because it’s 05 31, which is the perfect month (5) four (3+1) Foundation.  Found A Sean.  Hehehehe.  Word Smith I am.  The Kingdom of Heaven Found A Sean!  Maybe that’s what I Will Call it!!!

Anyway, once it is revealed to the King’s Hand, I explain what should be done and We quietly go about doing it behind the scenes.  I could also impart the use of Media anytime to promote My Ideas but again, these kind of details I would like to leave to someone else.  I know how fast My presence can be made known, I won’t need much help when the time is right.  I know that right now many of You probably wish I would start with Trump but My instincts tell Me He is like the ender Dragon, the boss character at the end of the game.  he sounded the Trumpet declaring war on God’s Laws and God has heard him.

Really, once it is known that I am actually a King in man’s fiction, how long Will it really take Me to get anywhere?  If I shout out to Matt Damon that I’ve got a Cestui Que Vie Trust and I’d love to make a ridiculous donation to his feed the children foundation, how long before He finds a Way to get in touch with Me and connect Me to the right people to make it happen?  How many other people out there have a charitable cause looking for a donation?

The characters named Peace, Love, Truth and Strength are My Four Horsemen who are My Mother, My Brother and two special friends.  I might decide they should each drive a white Porsche, or just arrive everywhere with Me in a white limo.  I’ll be in a red Porsche GTS 9/11.  GTS said Give to Sean to Me so I figured it was perfect.

The main purpose of this post is to demonstrate a number (4) of things with respect to Magic, the Law, God and Me.  I have already authorized the release of sufficient funds to cover all debts to centralized banks behind the scenes.  When I tell You it is already done, it is.

The title We are given is not a corruption or fraud, it is a ‘dead corporate (corpus) title’ and the responsibility for each of Us is to give it life in Our own Unique Way.  It is not You, it is a vehicle for You to engage in commerce, a place to float Your entrepreneurial Intentions, to make Your Dreams real.  If You have a great Idea and something You believe is profitable, You can manifest as much wealth as You like and every great entrepreneur Will tell You the same.  I propose that the best Idea is the Dream for Peace as it the picture was painted in the Mind of My Imagination by John Lennon.  He lives because I remember His Dream.

I am also here to teach, not only spiritual and metaphysical sciences but also the law.  I could say man’s law or God’s law but they are both the same.  The protection of God has always been and always Will be.  The laws in Your world now have worked very hard to ensure God’s Kingdom was protected for this day, so I can do what I am doing for You now.

Most people in the ‘law movement’ believe that the commercial maritime waters of man’s law are ‘evil’.  No, the love of money is evil.  Replace the love of money with the love of God and You have more money than You could Dream.  Voila!

If You claim to be doing God’s Work and the work You are doing is not for profit, it Will be taken care of for You.  One of the main problems is that few of Us have had business proposals that are truly Godly in nature, they are designed to profit for the sake of the business, whatever it might be and success is determined by that factor alone.  My wealth is My ability to heal the world so it’s value is priceless, not Me.  I’m not the wealth, the Idea is the true wealth of My Kingdom and why My Work is done.  Success is determined by the Establishment (the established Mind) of the Found A Sean.  The Idea Will endure long after I am gone.

Love to know Your thoughts on My plan and I kind of would like to give Matt Damon some wealth for his fund so if anyone knows how to reach him…  God Speed.

Love and Blessings…










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