Endless Love: The Art of Giving

I said that My call on Sunday would be the first time that I speak to the world and that’s not entirely true, it is the first time I Will be speaking to the world with the knowledge and understanding I have now.  The following video was created over six years ago and I am talking about Charlie Sheen’s awakening.  Every Word of this video is a perfect reflection of everything I have said and it is also the first time My Voice was ever made permanent in the Universe, My Spoken Word and Promise for Peace.  Remember, six is the number for Peace and there are no coincidences.

This Sunday, 7:00 PM (Seven = Heaven) EST (East Star Time), I Will fulfilling the Promise of My Words in this Video.  I Will be teaching everyone how to Act Honourably in a Democratic Society and how each of Us have a responsibility to Honour God and His Law.

The Art of Giving is the Love of God’s Kingdom, the Love I Speak of in the Video, the Endless Benevolence God has for each of His Children.  I Will be revealing His Kingdom to the world so the Kingdom of Heaven can exist here now.

Love and Blessings,

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