The Common Law and the Common Wealth

The right of Kings still exists and Will never die because only God can grant Kingdom and no man has authority over God.  It should be known that although I Will not disclose yet how I have done so, I have communicated My Intentions to both My Spiritual Mother and Father, the Archetypical Figures of authority in Your United Kingdom, the Queen and the Pope.

The Duty of a King is to uphold and protect the Common Law (God’s Law) in all provinces and territories of Crown Jurisdiction.  If One claims the Title, they must know the responsibilities of that position.  I don’t really know how I knew what to do, I just did.  But all of it came to Me not only after I Created My Cestui Que Vie, but months after it was Sent.  I really, really had to think about what the best and most noble King would do.  The more I found My Self thing King this Way, the more I truly felt like a King worthy of My title and truly began to understand just how beautiful and wonderful Your world really is.

And this is how it should be unveiled to You, as something Magical.  The Common Wealth means exactly that, You all built it together, it could not exist without each of You playing Your integral role on the world Stage, whether it be keeping Our streets clean or micromanaging the populations as a nation’s leader, or bringing new knowledge forth for all to hear.  It is what We have accomplished as one United people that gives Us a United Nation, a Common Wealth that makes the potential for God’s Heavenly Kingdom possible.  In many Ways, it Will seem too easy and that’s the point.  Nothing is any more difficult than We choose to make it.

So the Duty, in reality, is to teach every man what it means to be an Honourable King so that the true wealth, the Common Wealth which We have Created together can be returned to it’s rightful owner.  So who is the rightful owner?  God.  Who else?  That’s why if You want to enjoy it in harmony You are going to have to start believing that man is God and Sing along with Me (harmony, Universe, One Song, no coincidences).

I love You all, be sure to listen Sunday to find out just how perfect Your world really is.

Love and Blessings,

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