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In the Beginning, the Source Document (Dock-Mind):


After this Document was Writ, a King was Born.  But only the King knows the law as well as the King, that is why He is King.  The King must establish the laws of His Kingdom and protect God’s Law, so His judgements of God’s Kingdom must be recorded:

Vital Statistics – Notice to record holders of the trust.

Crown Attorney – Response to warrants issued by Toronto Crown.

Attorney General – Notice to highest authority in Canada to inform (enter a new shape/character) of the new King, His authority and charges against the Crown.

A Copy of My Cestui Que Vie was sent with each of the above documents to the corresponding offices in Canada.  These are Acts, Deeds, that give stability and strength to the original founding document.  The details of the Cestui Que Vie are now made clear in plain English language that all of man can comprehend.

For months I heard nothing and did nothing until I received mail evidencing that My demands had not been answered.  I addressed the use of the commercial account and character now that I had instructed it be closed.  Continued use of the account is now fraud and it is now My duty to inform public officials or I am in dishonor and not worthy of My title.  I am not going to revisit those letters now because they are no longer relevant to this story, but it is important to know that all My intentions were expressed in Writing – in person or by registered mail requiring a sign nature.  My concerns and failure to answer My letter was then taken to My local Member of Parlour Games (Parliament) so that he could have these matters addressed in Ottawa as he swore to the people of Guelph he would do.  He did not.

When I showed this to My local police I was once again dragged downtown to answer to the warrants in Toronto.  Local police were instructed to release Me and drive Me anywhere within their jurisdiction.  Then I knew I was going to have to go above them, too.  So I did.  I said on the call tonight that I the one thing I would not share is My secret mail service.  I Will share that address if anyone asks Me for it but You must know what You are as King to Me for.   After I Writ letters to inform of the crimes in My country, I received an envelope (en/in velo/love pe/ed) with two separate legal documents from the same jurisdiction, the office of the Attorney General and their legal department roughly a week or so later.  They were in the following Order:


If You notice the top left corner of the document is not stapled.  Every detail means something, the above letter is on top of the rest of the package:


Received = Accepted.  This is the Gold, the other document or letter from the lawyer means nothing.  Notice the dates, especially and that there is a staple in the top left of this document.  The staple was placed by the Attorney General’s office including the pages that were sent with it as ONE package.  This document was first, My authority was recognized on the 19th of January by the Attorney General.  The lawyer’s letter is addressed April 21st.  That gives You some Idea how long it took Me to Writ the ‘proper’ authorities to inform them of how poorly My Cestui Que Vie claim was being handled.  They were only waiting to make sure I would do My Duty and follow up.  As soon as I did, they acknowledged My claim.  This was not necessary.  Approval of the Attorney General is not something You need, the notice was a courtesy letter which has been duly accepted, Honourably.  Now, it is up to Me to administrate it responsibly.

Again, to be honorable, is to let everyone who is working in Your country, especially in government, know what You are doing and what Your Intentions are.  My Intentions were set out in the Cestui Que Vie, now I am following up.  My new position as King has been acknowledged by the Crown, it is My Duty now to let them know I received their reply and acknowledgment.  This is done at the Superior Court of Justice in Canada:


First, I show them I received the reply from the lawyer.  You Will now notice that the top left corner has had a staple removed.  That is because this document is now for My records and was on top of the received copy of the Cestui Que Vie and the other stapled documents as they had been returned to Me.  That was the first step.  When I removed the page to place in My records, it tore where the staple was, the other package with the received Cestui Que Vie is still stapled as it was received by Me.  The staple was added by the Superior Court when I placed the files into the Court.

The important thing to point out as it relates to the call tonight is that the letter from the lawyer and Attorney General’s office are a lower jurisdiction than God.  They cannot challenge the Cestui Que Vie claim and if I had not placed any other charges on the record, there would be no reason to reply.  That is why I say the stamp is not necessary, but it does show that You are now acting in Honour, both concerned parties have an agreement that is acknowledged.  So it would be pointless to go into a court now and claim the damages, they are not disputing and the lawyer says the file is closed.  You Will also notice not one letter recommends I seek legal counsel of any kind.

At this point, I am still an enemy of the state because I am still in debt.  I’ve still made an error, I have not authorized the release of sufficient funds from My Cestui Que Vie Trust to satisfy My share of the debt to central banks.  So I Wrote a letter authorizing such access, along with a letter declaring how I would administrate the wealth of My estate.  This was accomplished by the following letter, also filed into the Superior Court of Justice:


This letter was clearly read by the clerk and she was even kind enough to stamp a duplicate that I asked her to approve for Me Worded exactly the same as the one I had given her for the record.  She reviewed the above document to make sure it matched what I had submitted on the record and approved (stamped) the document.  And from here, the rest is up to You and how You Will achieve Your highest Dream now that You are in God’s Kingdom.

Love and blessings,







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