All World Problems Solved in 5 Minutes!!!

Okay, here it is, the ultimate ending and the ultimate suspension of disbelief that is actually now perceivable in Our world.  And absolutely possible within two weeks and three days.  Consider that the following might just be possible, then come back and tell Me I am wrong.

My proposition is this:  Your World is perfect, You just don’t know it is because You’ve never really seen it with true eyes.  In reality, the Catholic Church that so many of Us have perceived to be Evil (Live backwards) is actually the Truth, the Life (live, not the evil) and the Way by the example provided in their perfect Christ character.  They created the Cannon Law that declared the Roman Catholic Church ‘rightful’ authority of God’s Laws on Earth (the Common) Law after serious debate behind the scenes about which of the “Hero” characters had the greatest potential (presuming Your ‘Powers that Be’ knew the Power of collective consciousness and the self-fulfilling prophecy as well as I do’).  They also declared Christians the ‘rightful’ heirs to God’s Kingdom.

This provided the foundation for the Law that many complain about and also provided the foundation for all trade and commerce, what is known today as Commercial Admiralty Law, or Black’s Law and the others (books of law) that are now commonly used by all countries of the world under UCC (United Commercial Code or Universal Commercial Code) to govern all laws of commerce.

As man departed from the Truth of God He began to see Him Self as individual and separate not only from God but from His fell low man and he sought to achieve and want for self, rather than the greater good of all.  So, this provided the foundation of commerce, the desire to own the land rather than share the land.  As this was in harmony with Our separation from God, Queen Bee kept Us busy building God’s Kingdom and We have been very busy little bees!!!  The Pope and the Queen are Hierarchal Figures (characters) in the world that represent elements in man’s psyche, primarily, Mom and Dad.

Money was just created to distract You all and the Central Banks represent that part of Your name that You almost never use, Your ‘Christian’, or Middle (Central), name, the name You would allow to die on the Cross (where You sign Your name and enter into commerce).  This is how We all enter into SIN, We choose to engage in commerce, rather than God.  We chose the love of money over the love of God.

I propose that when You claim God’s Kingdom, You realize that is why the Queen has her title because the King’s Duty is to protect (or more appropriately, restore) the common law.  The first man to know He is a King Will know this Duty and it’s importance but He Will also See how easy it is to Honour His Mother and His Father and the United Kingdom they have created for You with their common wealth, carefully administrated by the Central Banks.

Would the Kingdom of God not have to be the United Kingdom We Created together?  Is it not plausible that the common wealth means just that, that We all share common wealth when We are ready to share?  I said that nothing in My Universe would be a coincidence, should I be surprised that the final piece of the puzzle fits so well?  What if the real ‘Secret’ is that anything You ask in God’s name is done for You is a truth any man can enjoy any day anywhere in the United Kingdom if He only knew how to as King for it?  Would that make You think more fondly of Her Grace, Glory and Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, His Holy Father Pope Francis, the Central Banks and Your alleged ‘Powers that Be’?  What if it is assured that the greatest, most well intentioned man on this Earth Will always be Divinely protected by all the Gods, the Olde, and the New?

Some Food for thought, and, even more well Intentioned, for the hungry, please.

Love and Blessings be with You,


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