Exit Kooksville and Enter Kingdom

Well, sadly I could not even listen to My friend’s show long enough to speak with him and I had been looking forward to being a guest.  He aired a special episode tonight called “Dirty Laundy” with a brief description of the show’s contents which would give guest’s an opportunity for people to call in and rant, then finally, “CAUTION – I will have the last word.”, just before the close of the e-mail.

I suppose I should have known by the e-mail.  If Kurtis Richard Kallenbach ever wants to defend himself directly he knows where to find Me.  He’s wrong.  And those who follow him Will eventually get themselves in trouble, it is already happening to guests I heard on his show tonight.  That’s part of the reason I left the call, I could not stand to hear anymore about private property and copyright.  If either one of those two things is Your final goal or objective You are going nowhere fast.  Didn’t You know the glaciers and snow peaks are melting?  You don’t want to be stuck on the land without a ship, that could be a disaster.

Once again I Will repeat My core philosophy.  The moment You claim to own anything, You are going to get Your Self in trouble because everything belongs to all of Us.  The good King makes sure of this and that is My purpose and why I must Speak to this issue specifically in any kind of law movement.  The Idea of copyright and property claims are the foundation of commerce, the first sign of moving away from Truth, of Sight with only One eye and not of Your neighbour who is also Your Hand and Your fell-low King.  Help Your man up, Uplift all of man, may man become Mana!!!  And so it is.

This is another one of those Ideas that gets Me into trouble and has people jumping to conclusions, telling Me I sound like a Communist.  Well, if living in community with one another, each man a king unto himself, living in King Ship (Kinship) with one another is communism…  Then yes, I am a Communist; I believe in Community, family and more importantly, the family of man in Harmony with God.

It is My responsibility to point these things out to ‘Giants’ in the movement and I’m sorry Kurt, I do have tremendous respect for Your Work but You are barking up the wrong tree.  I would be happy to discuss this on a show with You sometime if You are offended by anything I have Writ.

The wealth of God’s Kingdom is the only wealth and if You claim anything else You are missing the Mark.

Love and Blessings,

King Sean, House of von Dehn,



  1. I am so happy to have found you when i did,you are so right on with what you are doing that i want to follow the path you are on, the path to GOD’S Kingdom, i hope that you can find the time to get back with me to help me better understand your path. Thank you Walter Lee of the house of Hollis.

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