Spiritual Warrior, Educating (Guelph) Police


I’m going to go over this document so people understand what is going on here.  I am going to start (reading) in the top left hand corner or the Highest Words or Symbols on the Page (think messenger, young girl from the Tarot).  Every document Will read like a Magical Story should because that’s what it is.

First I Will point out some guidelines which I am not going to bother providing references for as these facts are well known in law.  ANYTHING in all capital letters is a corporate title.  Words Spelled and Written as You would Write Your own name in school, ‘Sean Stephen von Dehn’, are natural, organic, names.  There is Canada, and there is CANADA.  Canada protects all rights under God.  CANADA is Canada’s business name, the name used to borrow money and all that jazz.  One governs the common law, one governs commercial law.  The one governing the common law has superior jurisdiction and authority over the commercial realms of law.

Now I am going to point out where local police are making their mistake and choosing to enter into SIN when they should be upholding common law but have not been trained to know the difference because they primarily preside over commercial laws.  Member of the public may demand at any time that their police act as peace officers and acknowledge their common law rights.  Most police believe they are doing that when they are practicing civil law, which is still commercial.

In the very top, left hand corner it reads, “Police Service:  Guelph Police Service”, then there is an occurrence number and court folder ID :


So the jurisdiction just changed from common law (where My rights under God are protected) up to the “:” and now We are in Commercial Admiralty, where I do not exist legally anymore.  Also, everything after the colon is now in that ‘Box’ of untouchable Commercial Admiralty, so nobody mentioned in this document can be charged for common law infractions of the crimes it evidences, they are protected now by the corporation who will settle any dispute ‘commercially’ (fine, settlement, jail).

Again, keep that detail in Mind and pay attention to when the all caps are used, referring to the private corporation doing business against My very, very Well articulated religious expression of My right to refrain from commerce and claim a spiritual life.  You Will notice that the all caps is used consistently throughout the letter with the exception of the Word Canada.  That is because the common law must always exist and can always be claimed.  This (GUELPH) is a smaller jurisdiction within the country of Canada and the country of Canada has much better laws than this tiny private corporation of Guelph.  You Will also notice that the police station is common law, not a corporation, the money and contract is with the court.  When the police released Me today, to be honourable and in good standing, all I need to do is inform the Superior Court of Justice that My common law rights were not acknowledged though they were demanded several times, the officers insisted on treating Me as a corporation rather than a man.  Police have no legal right, jurisdiction or authority to do what they did to Me today, they just don’t know they didn’t.

The letter asks Me to appear on the 30th of June and We know that this is all going to be long over by then so I just stamped My thumb on the number 30, now I have ‘appeared’ on the day.  Seriously, that’s how their Magic Works, I have just saved the judge or justice time by showing up early for June 30, which is exceedingly honourable.  And, because I used My thumbprint seal, connecting the King to the black prints the police have on record, they should now know very well that I am a King.  It is against the law for the police to present a man with a commercial document like this and when My new document enters the superior court, they Will know how serious these mistakes are and they Will know I know what a red print means.  Living man, non applicable, rights violated, charged with:

Food and Lodging Fraud

I could not make this shit up.  Not ‘theft’ (because I offered form of payment), Food and Lodging Fraud, two things every common man has a right to enjoy of.  The crime is not mine, it is being committed by the officers and this letter is evidencing THEIR crimes, not mine!  The ‘ORDER’ is coming from CANADA, the corportation and the officers ceased to uphold the common law by continuing to entertain this document past the “:”.  Nothing in the document applies to Me until ‘Guelph Police Service’ again at the end.  This shows that the Guelph police are forgoing common law in favour of commerce when the authority and jurisdiction is the other way around.  Now not only is the restaurant owner refusing to contract with Me legally, the police are now creating further debt by arresting Me, detaining Me and God knows how much it would cost for lawyers, attorney’s, legal aid, judges and justice of the peace to have the trial.  Did the restaurant owner save the Canadian people any money, did he benefit society in any way?  He turned a $20 meal I was offering payment for into a multi-thousand dollar law suit that Will tie up the courts and compound Our debt when My contract would have discharged $20 of Canada’s debt.

Guelph Police need to educate themselves and realize they cannot force a spiritual man into commerce any more than a merchant can withhold goods because he doesn’t like where Your wealth comes from.  It’s a new type of discrimination based on ignorance.  Teach police that if a man is causing no harm and offering legal contract for service their duty is to support the common law and ignore any all caps titles.  I am not a corporation and any name that shows up on any police system in all caps for Sean Stephen von Dehn is simply that, an all caps name on paper, not Me the living man.  Learn the difference, fast!

Oh, I should probably add…  Don’t worry about what happened today, I know You are all still learning and I Will save the county of Wellington all of those unnecessary tax dollars by discharging these crimes You committed in the Superior Court first thing tomorrow.  This is how I fix what You guys screw up.  This is how I forgive You, rather than drag You into a commercial admiralty court and have Your jobs.  Love and Blessings.


You’re not upholding the law, You are offering Me contracts I don’t want.

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