The Duties of a King

The general presumption (thus far) of vendors is that the Attorney General’s Stamp is ‘not real’, some kind of forgery and I’m just some con artist trying to score a free meal.  I’m sure You can understand why I might take exception to that.  I did work very hard to know the things I am sharing with You all here and I still have a lot of work to do and I am still working very hard behind the scenes (’cause remember, it’s just a movie, Universal Pictures greatest Presentation) and between Blog Posts (think how many Pillars of Ideas I have Con-Structed Here and how very Solid My Foundation now is!).

So, I’m going to provide a link HERE..

The link should open in a new window.  This is essentially where I work now.  I’ve Posted enough pictures of the Sign outside the actual building so I won’t bother doing it again for this Post.  But I spent a few hours on this website today and Will spend a great deal more time there in the future, I’m sure.  What I am hoping to Point out here is that there is no one to teach Me.  That’s what My position means.  I’m in this position because I am expected to know better without having to ask anyone and what I’m trying to tell the world is that everyone can do the things I am doing.  The difference is, very few people have because very few people have dedicated their life to this the Way that I have.  This is My unique role, that’s all.

I have to learn everything just like anyone else would.  Sure, You can ace the job interview, but how do You perform when You are actually out on the floor?..

“You Will know Him not by His Words, but by His Deeds”.

It’s how I govern My life, now that I am truly the Master of My Destiny.  These Powers are new to Me, they take some getting used to.  Do I suspend an officer for a day for what they have already done to set an example, or do I go out for another meal and caution them of the consequences for interfering with a lawful transaction and defending the merchant who is in dishonor, an enemy of the state, a debtor, a man who has claimed no life, rather than the man who is standing in Honor and offering peaceful remedy?

I would like to wait until the end of the long weekend now and file an Order into the Court on Tuesday for the Guelph Police to be properly in-Formed of My status change and to know that the file for the warrants in Toronto has been closed and should be updated in their computer systems.  My job isn’t to know all the inner workings of the bureaucracy, My job is to place Orders into the Court clerks who administrate the Estate for Me.  Essentially, the Superior Court are My real ‘Four Horsemen’, this is where I delegate.  I figure I could probably even just appoint a finance minister to handle all My expenses and such but I like using My thumb.  I don’t have to, I could choose to do business any Way that seems reasonably logical.  I could start handing merchants stones and telling them they are worth more than the paper.

So these are the ‘deets’ that I’m still working out every day.  One of the reasons My success is always assured is because I never get distracted by the small stuff, I know I’ll figure all the little things when I get to them, I keep My focus on the big picture, the Universal Presentation.

A few additional things I would like to point out about the Word Magic on the Page of the Superior Court – “the Court has jurisdiction over…”  And it goes on to list all the other types of Law the Court presides over.  It is a “One Stop Shop” for anything within the Jurisdiction of the Attorney General.  It’s funny, I mentioned ‘Finance Minister’ off the top of My Head and it’s sticking…  I’m wondering now if I should just appoint a Finance Minister, that would make My life so much easier and then there would be absolutely no ‘fraud’ concerns, My Finance Minister would take care of all that.  It’s the Word “Minister” that should Ring a Bell (Church Bells Ring).  I could probably even just order My Porsche there!  Dream…  And believe Me, I do!

I don’t really think there’s anything much I can’t do in this Court as it pertains to Law in Canada and when they talk about acting honorably, this is what they are Tall King about!  Everything is done on paper, no violence and that’s why man’s laws all deal with paper.  I could fire the owner of Angel’s for refusing God in a Common Wealth country.  Instead, I Will take My business somewhere else.  I was looking to see what the Court schedule looks like in case I want to summons a few of the police officers and have them stand before Me.  That would also be fun.  Just playing with Ideas.  But believe Me, it is Work.

Love and Blessings,



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