Rags to Riches

The Greatest Illusion is Time.  It let’s One believe things can End.  End and Eternity both start with E for a reason.  There are no coincidences in Your Universe and everything is Symbols (like in a Drum kit), Sounds, Banging out Ideas, Blasting them into the Universe and E is for Energy, Ether, Magic, Entity – Earth (Terra) Entity, Terrestrial Entity, Entity of Terra, E.T., the Extra Terrestrial, or the Extra Terra Trial of Entity.  Are You still afraid Your world Will be invaded by E.T.’s?  They are You.  Or Me.  Whichever is more to Your liking.

Ah, one of the stories I liked that I think I found in the prequel to one of Eckhart Tolle’s books was a story of a man sitting on a crate ‘begging for change’.  Another man asks the beggar why he needs change and the beggar says he is poor and hungry.  The man asks the beggar how much the crate he is sitting on might be worth to him and the beggar tells him it is only a useless crate fit for nothing but begging.  And the man asks the beggar what is inside the crate and the beggar confesses he has never looked inside this dirty old crate.  The man suggests that he should see what is inside the crate before he determines it is worth nothing.  Of course, the beggar opens the crate to discover that it was filled with Gold.

I’m sure We’ve all heard some version of a similar story and I truly believe that this is Essentially the Key to Life.  In some Way, this is the real quest for all of Us, to find the secret treasure, to discover Our real value in the world.  And Our true value in the world is not what We can take but what We can give, what We can contribute to make Our Highest Idea for the world made Manifest (Man-I-Fest(Celebrate) or Manafest) in Our own You-Niche-Way (Unique).  The Sounds, Symbols and Ideas are more Important than the actual Spelling of a Word.

In some Way, We are all Super-Stars and it has been said by anyone who has ever achieved Great success.  Soon, We Will truly all know the wealth We have been sitting on Our whole life.  Or maybe it really is the Truman Show and I’m the only one who doesn’t know, You’ve all just been watching and waiting patiently for Me to figure it all out, ready to clap and say ‘Happy Birthday!!!’, like in the movie with Michael Douglas, “The Game,” maybe the joke’s was on Me the whole time!

That’s almost how it feels and that is how surreal everything is going to seem for most of the world.  That’s actually part of the reason I Will be able to accomplish things so fast, it has to happen this Way.  The entire world must be told at the same time and somehow, virtually everyone Will know this Blog.  I just have no Idea when that Will be.  It’s kind of like that scene in ‘V for Vendetta’ when Evie flips the switch.  The rest is up to the world, really.  I’m just enjoying the show now and editing the last few scenes for the Scripture, or Script You are about to perform in the world’s greatest Universal Production, The Prophecy for Peace, 2017 06 05.

I even had a new follower on Twitter today and the first number I saw on either the Twitter or website page showed 37,201…  Christ, Door.  That’s how I see the world.  I always say thank You when the Universe gives Me a new Door to open.  Thank You.

I’m reminded now of the first time I moved to the city of Guelph from Aberfoyle, leaving a rural town and public elementary school where I knew virtually everyone in the school and had the same friends all My life.  They all went to Centennial after grade six and whatever came before that, I went to Willow Road, probably the toughest school in the city of Guelph (not to be alarmed, Guelph is like Little House on the Prairie compared to cities that are actually rough – no firearms here or anything but You might have a guy wave a butterfly knife in Your face once or have some guy show up with nun-chucks once or twice, I did).  It was not fun, especially the first few weeks.  I was pretty much the smallest kid in the school without some kind of medical condition.  So I got beat up a lot for the first little bit because I’d never been in a fight and never wanted to be.  My Mom (Angel, I am so Blessed) asked if I was interested in martial arts.  Like it was a question.  I learn fast and I always had fearlessness so I took My licks until I learned but I learned well.  After a year, I would never need martial arts training again, I knew enough to take care of My Self.  By grade 10, I was known by some as ‘Sean Claude van Damme’.  My sister and I didn’t get along so well and I think it partially had to do with guys being afraid to date her.  I told her it was a blessing but I think it cost her a date with a guy she might have liked.

And after that I made the same mistakes most young men that age would have made.  Not only was I fearless, now I could do all kinds of tricks, a couple of warm up kicks and My adversary is deciding that maybe I’m not such a bad guy and maybe he doesn’t want to fight Me so much.  I never really went looking for fights but I’d be quick to take a man up on his offer.  And, now that I’d become something of a ‘tough guy’, I could actually defend the weaker and in truth, confidence is enough that people stop wanting to fight You.  It’s a high-school thing, it’s for kids or professionals who do it for sport, not for hurting each other.  But it all seemed necessary, every beating I took to get there and even the humility I would later have to learn to once again embrace.  They talk about the middle path, the spiritual path.  I was too soft, too nice, too kind going into high school, I needed to toughen up if I was going to make it in this world.  Then I became too tough, too assertive, too sure of My Self, which is the other path.  Eventually, You find the balance.  I don’t even know how well I could fight now, I’m forty-four.  But the confidence and surety remain, I can stand My ground peacefully.

The end of My journey is the microcosmic example, the Universal parallel, all things reflecting some other part of the story in some Way, everything a lesson necessary to develop all the skills for this moment, this now.  Yes, I still get pushed around in the world, I suppose – or that is how it might be perceived.  But I know My new position and I don’t need to defend it, I just need to exercise it.  I also know that everything in the Universe truly is conspiring to accomplish everything in My favour, for My favour is Your favour (454 – for favour or porfavor, forfafor, forfifor, etc.), so I don’t really worry about how it unfolds, I just keep dreaming which inspires new thoughts and new strategies, better Ideas, always bigger, always more.

This long weekend has already been another wonderful gift for if I had acted any sooner I would likely have made a mistake.  Today I developed an even more brilliant plan for success which I Will continue to share with You all over the long weekend.  Once I was the peasant who knew He was King, now I am the King who appears the peasant.  I am the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

I put ‘begging for change’ in quote because isn’t that what We are all doing in Our own You Nique (like Magic, Unique-Horn, Unicorn) Way, begging for change?  I am the change We all want, the truth of Our own wealth, 20170605.

Love and Blessings,

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