The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho) and the Hidden Treasure

Probably My favourite book of all time.  Definitely My favourite book of all time.  There is something truly Magical about everything Coelho Writes but this book is pure Gold.  If You have not read it, I strongly recommend doing so at Your earliest convenience.

Maybe I liked the book so much because I was able to relate so much with Santiago and his Dream for adventure.  I Imagine this is the same reason anyone enjoys the book so much.  The Alchemist and the Great Gatsby are the only two books I can clearly remember reading from cover to cover in one sitting.  I almost never do that.

Santiago is a young shepherd who feels he has a greater destiny than tending his herd, a secret treasure he is destined to find.  And so he decides to take a risk and venture into the world with his flock of sheep to embark on his great Quest.

The adventures take Santiago all over the world.  In the end, Santiago finds himself back where he started.  Although he had found his secret treasure, the real moral of the story is that the treasure Santiago was seeking was not the treasure he found.  The treasure he sought was his Destiny, his true Higher purpose.  The real treasure was the adventure, the quest, the journey, the experiences.  He grows, matures and discovers his true Self and in the process, discovers all the things in life that are truly valuable, even the love of his life.  He even abandons the love of his life to complete his quest and promises he will return to her.  All of these are powerful Alchemical, Mystical truths.  The number of people I have had to walk away from are more than I can count and I am only talking about the important people, those I loved the most.  It can be easy for us to find a place of comfort that makes the remainder of the journey seem daunting and unimportant.  We can become complacent, comfortable.

The true Spiritual Warrior is uncomfortable when he is comfortable.  Comfort does not promote growth or change, only stagnation.  Push, push, push, never stop, never give up.  Think about the gym.  How great does one feel when they hit the gym ‘religiously’ for three months or so?  Body Will transform, adapt, evolve, grow stronger, faster, more flexible.  The second You stop going, the growth stops.  The second the body gets ‘comfortable’ with the work out, the growth Will stop.  Only when We continue to push the limits do We continue to grow.  Only when We run at everything that scares Us Will We truly know what We are capable of.  I love You all so much, become the Warlock of Your own World, claim Your Destiny and never give up.  There is nothing You can’t do, I give You My Word.

Love and blessings,




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