The King Develops His (Chess) Strategy

I very much see the world like a giant Chess board and I do love to Win but never too much.  In real Chess, I don’t actually like winning.  I’m so much happier to find someone who can beat Me; then it’s a challenge, I want to play again.  The Universal game is Life, One shot, Winner take all.  And I am White in this Game, I did Play First.

I had to learn the ropes like anyone else.  I started out reasonably strong, My usual Style, fast and aggressive, straight for the Kill, focused on the King.  But the mid-game…  Oh, the mid-game!!!  So complicated, so many possibilities and variations, so many choices!  One Mis-Take and it could be over.  One Strong move Will cripple My opponent.  The thing about chess is that it never really seems to be about ‘if’ there is some brilliant move hiding on the board, only where!  This is why the Master’s can take up to an hour for a single move or longer.  That one Magical move that completely changes and transforms the position to such a vantage point that the rest is smooth sailing.  I believe it is the fear of missing that move that can drive the perfectionist in chess mad.  He becomes so paralyzed with possibility, he cannot move at all.

One would probably guess that if I were a player of chess I would know names like Tal and Bobby Fischer.  And You might guess Fischer would be My favourite.  The thing about Me, though is that I don’t really like ‘textbook’ anything.  I love to enjoy watching the beauty of their Minds unfold on the board but I don’t want My own Mind to be influenced too much by the strategies or impose on My own Creative potential.  My ability in chess is not how many openings or endgame positions I know but My ability to think fast, be creative and adapt, make decisive decisions when I make mis-Takes, cut My losses, regroup.  Every tactic of chess applies to life, it truly does.

When I say I don’t care about money it really isn’t a lie and that’s why I feel the next little stage of this journey is just going to be Epic.  (Sorry, I know it’s over-used but I like that Word).  I’m going to get the expense thing sorted out, I don’t think there is a soul who believes My intentions are anything but good.  If I get someone else to take care of all My financial headaches and appoint a finance minister…  Peace of cake (yes, I did that on purpose).

I pretty much just decided that’s what I’m going to do.  I’m just going to appoint someone within Canada’s government to take care of that for Me.  I’m sure there is either someone within Canada’s government now who can take care of this for Me, or a position can be created and I’m stimulating the ‘economy’ (the debts I’m gonna pay back for everyone).

Question is, do I just do that (appoint a finance Minister), or appoint someone within Canada’s government to set up the charitable Trust for the Kingdom of Heaven Foundation as described in My previous Post.  I think I just gave My Self My answer.

The reason I mentioned Bobby Fischer previously is that one of the things he was said to have done was to play both black and white to study the game; play against himself.  When I finally got to where I am now in this Universal Chess Game of Life, I realized I had been playing My Self the whole time.  And that’s what the rest of the world Will learn, too.  I was fascinated he could play himself, it is not something I could do, it seems pointless to Me and almost impossible, how could I not know what I would do?  Yet, We play against Our Self Our whole Life because We chose the Love of Money over the Love of God.  God’s Kingdom really is the true Wealth.

Love and blessings,


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