Magick, the Occult, Ancient Wisdom and the Power of Intention

This post goes all the way back to 2010. How much have I changed? Believe anything is possible and it is. 2017 06 05 – World Peace is Done.

Peace Prophecy

One of the most common threads between conspiracy theories regarding the social elite, freemasons and the illuminati is the belief that their power comes from sacred knowledge of some mystical and ancient wisdom that has allowed them to manipulate and control society.  So I felt that perhaps it was time to explain this wisdom and how it works.

There are many books available dedicated to occult studies and rituals that discuss many different forms of magick ranging from spells, witchcraft, shamanism, tarot and runes, to things like the luminous body, acupuncture, reiki, healing hands, even traditional modern medicine of the western world and countless others.  Some claim to be invoking the power of angels and gods, others demons or satan as well as virtually everything in between.  Yet all of them get their power from the same source – intention.

I know a number of people would criticize Me for…

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