2nd Day of Xmas: Two Turtle Doves

I actually hadn’t even read far enough on the Page (like the Princess of the Tarot) to know what the symbolism or association with the Two Turtle Doves were, I had presumed it was about duality (seems a logical enough conclusion) and all of the first four ‘Gifts’ in the twelve days of Christ Mass relate to Birds in some Way and Birds represent Heavenly Ideas (because they Fly).  So My job is to firmly establish the first Four (Foundation) Ideas of the Twelve Days of Christ Mass as part of My teachings, which Will further solidify (FOUR more POSTS) Gods Heavenly Kingdom on Earth.  Then We can move toward the Gold and the Wealth of the Kingdom, number V.  😉  I told You there would be no coincidences!!! 😀

The Two Turtle Doves represent the Old and the New Testament. Well, to understand this, We first must know what a testament is. It is a Test a Ment, or a test of Mind. That is exactly what the Word truly means. The new test of Mind is the belief in wealth. Is Wealth the money and debt You carry in Your pocket or administrate from Your bank account, or is the true Wealth the Love and Glory of God? I think We all know the answer, though none have chosen it before Me.

So, this Will be the End of Your Old Testament, now that one has Passed (Pass-Over) the test of Mind and received the 37th Degree with Honours.  That’s the reward for passing the test.  My Degree was not Honoured by Canada’s Ministry until I had clearly expressed that I had no interest in default judgment (the money) for the crimes against Me – all is forgiven but I Will accept no more authority over how I shall govern My life.  Now I have the Power and authority to make changes in My own country as I see fit – truly.  The difference is, I’m not a bully, never have been and My Power has actually made Me a whole lot more relaxed.  I really don’t care what anyone thinks anymore.

Sean Kearney, the lawyer from the Civil department of the Attorney General’s Office is the one receiving My letters.  I went back to the Superior Court yesterday to find out where My Orders were going and how long I should expect to wait to have the Orders carried out.  Nobody administrating My paperwork is going to have any clue how Powerful the documents I have Writ are or how real My position actually is because they are not even lawyers – it’s not their ‘position’ in the Universe to know the law, it is their position to administrate the paperwork, no questions asked.  They take direction from Me and do as I ask them to do, truly.  I am, however, of the presumption (benefit of the doubt) that Sean Kearney knows the law very well and Will respond appropriately.  We Will soon see.

For those who don’t actually believe that any status change occurred, all You have to do is look at the letter sent to Me by Sean Kearney.  You will notice there are zero words in all caps.  He does not address Me as King (he should have, not doing so is dishonour to My title), but He does make sure the Style of My name is correct, common law (First letter capitalized, as You would Writ Your name in school).  That alone tells Me I am now in the Highest jurisdiction of Law.  I cannot now go back into commercial admiralty or I am reducing My own status and dishonoring any judge or justice of the peace because I would be challenging their jurisdiction which is a very important and critical ‘department’ of Law.  Their job is to protect the assets of the Crown (You and all the stuff We create together) until everyone shows they are Spiritually mature enough to stop claiming ownership of physical property.  It’s pointless, You Will die one day and leave it all behind.  Again, good news is, You can’t actually die, You Will just awaken in another dream.

So, this is the end of the Old Testament and with eleven days left, the Door or Portal I am Creating is opening more and more as We approach the day.  This Door Will be Wide Open by June 5 and all the world Will have to do is walk through.  Follow Me, I know the Way.  😉

Love and Blessings,




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