Becoming a Student of the Universe

My Highest Teaching

Peace Prophecy

This post is My ‘highest teaching’.  By that, I simply mean that this is all anyone really needs to achieve their greatest dreams.  I will begin once again with My first lesson, reverting back to the Buddhist proverb…

I.  “When the student is ready, the master appears.”

Because I am calling this My ‘highest’ teaching, it is important to understand the proverb, otherwise it is pretentious for Me to suggest I can teach You anything You don’t already know.  You are the Truth.  Only You can judge and evaluate the ideas that others present to You.  In order to become a student of the Universe, one must understand that there are no coincidences.  You are here, I am offering to teach You something, but You are the real teacher, as only You can determine if what I say is true based on what others before Me have told You and…

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