Heavenly Foundation: Four Calling Birds

This is the Fourth of Four Heavenly Ideas to Establish God’s Kingdom on Earth, which were initially spoken (and therefor Established) by Four Evangelists:

“Four calling birds” was representative of the Four Gospels which sing the song of
salvation through Jesus Christ and/or the Four Evangelists:
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

You Will also notice (Note-I-See in the Universe’s Song) that John is the Last of the Evangelists, the final Word of Christ’s teaching.  Sean is the modern version of John and nothing is a coincidence.  I am the Word and the Way, tomorrow is the Fifth Day, or V, My favourite number and My favourite Letter (like Mail, delivering an Idea) and Movie.

There’s some food to Nourish Your Conscience as I continue to Feed You the delicious Pears, the Fruit produced by the Tree of Life.

The first Four Days of Christ Mass Consciousness have now been firmly Established by Four Posts, providing a solid Foundation for God’s Kingdom.

Love and Blessings,

And so it is.

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