12 Days of Christ Mass Consciousness: 6 Geese a Laying

There are a few final Words I would like to say about the Fifth Day.  These recent connections or realizations (real-eyes-‘A’-Sean’s) only just occurred to Me.  I Spoke of Five KEY Questions We all Seek to know and understand about God in My Book.  I did not have the slightest clue about Occult symbolism at the Time I Writ My Book, but it is not a coincidence that the Foundation of Law is Established by My explanation of the Four Evangelists, each representing a Key, the Final Key being the Laws of Moses, handed down by the authority of God on TWO Tablets (Two Will be a continuous theme also), or 55, or 5×2, 10.  It was a Golden Day for Me because My Heaven was Seven days away by it’s conclusion, (5+7).  On that day, I Will Establish Peace for all the world in Six days, and We Will rest on the Seventh, enjoying the Heavenly Kingdom We have Created together, just as God Created the Earth in Six Days.  The Perfect Ending to My Story and the Perfect Name Day Gift.

Here is what Our website has to say about Six Geese a Laying (keep in Mind, this is another Bird, which always represents a Heavenly Idea):

“Six geese a-laying” was representative of the Six Days of Creation.

So I’m not just pulling these Ideas Out of My hat, all of these Ideas existed in the Universe before I as King of the Universe to show them to Me so I could teach You how I use this knowing of God’s Power.  I do nothing, God conspires with Me to achieve every Heavenly Idea of My Father.  And the fact that it’s geese tells You it’s a Heavenly Idea (if We forget that We are dissecting a children’s Christ Mass Carol).  Would it be a surprise that I say the Universe is One Song and the Truth lies in Christ Mass Carol, or Song, the ONE SONG We should all know and understand?  Hmmm…  Am I making too much sense, is this all coming together a little too perfectly?

All the world is a Stage, each of Us merely Players…  Or something like that, I think We all know who is famous for Shaking Our World by Piercing Our Minds with His Words.  Why do You think Your news is so entertaining and the politicians so captivating?  It is not a lie that Trump is an Actor.  We know him from the Apprentice.  He is just playing his part and he is doing it perfectly.  He is the yin to My yang and no, he is not going to hang.  I just did that ’cause it rhymes.  But really, worst any guilty politician Will get is a pitcher of water poured over their head for being foolish enough to believe the pieces of paper in their pocket are worth something.  The Apocalypse Will be fun.

For Me, I now have Seven days including today to reach the world stage or get wherever I need to be.  I have no Idea how that Will come together yet, but I do like to Imagine how I might.  All I really know, is that it Will.  As I as King of Him, so it is Done.  And the Gods of Your world are equally Gracious and Honourable – I give You My Word.

Love and Blessings,

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