The New World Order is 37

Happy Monday, or Moon-day; the day after the Sun’s day.  Moon represents Love of God, as does the Night.  ‘N’ Words are like ‘F’ Words, We have the wrong Idea about them in Our Mind.  ‘S’, too.  Snake, Serpent, Sean…   Hmmm…  Tempting You with the knowledge of God.  It’s okay, this time there is no consequence for taking the fruit from My Tree, the Pear’s are delicious!

I think it is also fair to say that a great majority of the world also have the wrong Idea in their Mind about something called the ‘New World Order’, so I think it’s about Time I start tall King about it.  Monday is the first of the Six days of Creation (Six sounds like Sex for a reason; Sex isn’t bad, Six is Peace; make Love not war).  It represents Night, Darkness, the Moon, Monsters, Madness, Lunatics (Lunar), all things Dark – and We associate Dark with Evil, which is just Live backwards.  It seems appropriate that this would be the topic I am meant to dis-cuss (Undo the Cussing) with the world.

So I reveal that the New World Order is the 37th Order of Freemasonry in Your Occulted Sciences and those who are currently the Highest ranking in their Order (I’m not sure but they have suggested to Me that it might be 33) know I am here and have known I’m here for much longer than I have known they were waiting for Me.  I told the world on My first Talkshoe that My credentials in Law and Commerce are that of an Honorary Masters Degree of the 37th Order.  That’s what it is.  How I am to proceed from here is entirely up to them, really.  Everything I Write here is not coming from Me as much as it is coming from the rest of You, from the collective conscience of the world.  I am literally answering (An-Swear-Ring, I Wear a Ring to resonate a continuous sound, think bell) what the world is as King of Me to know.  

All of these recent entries are given to Me by You, the world.  Twelve days of Christmas is not something I invented, it’s something You have always had.  How many of Us actually know what it ever meant?  I didn’t.  Not a clue until six days ago.  I just understand the symbolism, language and numbers on a whole other level, I do not see the world as most do, I regard everything as mutable and adaptable as I am.

I have included more Magic in My Writing in recent Posts.  Colours have Ideas in Your Mind, so this entry is Blue to represent Water, the Love of God that was Forgot, the Fear of Death (notice how Fear, Forget and F–K all start with ‘F’?).  The Gold was used to Establish the Idea of God, the Gold and Glory of God’s Kingdom and Knowledge.  Red was used to Establish the Law, as God is the Highest authority of Law.  Now I have blended the Knowledge, Power and Glory of God into My Blog.  I Will also incorporate the other colours in Your rainbow (Water also represents knowledge of God’s Love, raining on You and Piercing Your Mind with the Arrow of a Magical Bow, or RainBow).  Brown represents the Earth, Green represents Love, the Love of Mother which is given to the Earth (Water) to produce Life (Green).

The 37th Order is the Order of Christ Consciousness, which is why this is also called the 12 Days of Christ Mass Consciousness because the knowledge I have WILL be communicated to every man on Earth, regardless what I do.  The alleged ‘Powers that be’ know this.  They know they can’t stop My knowledge from being communicated subconsciously to each and every one of You, My Power increases every day.  The New World Order is Established by Christ’s Example.  So, I hope You can all accept that, I am soon going to find out.

I also talk about the microcosm and macrocosm, how I am a miniature version of the whole Universe.  For Me, My faith and belief comes before Yours, this is why the ‘duality’.  On Wednesday, I will technically be ‘homeless’ again, as I have given notice to leave with no plans on ever renting an apartment again.  I am venturing out into the Universe one last time.  It’s still two days away, so I have no Idea which direction I’ll even go.  Toronto is a consideration, so is Ottawa.  However, I always let the Universe determine how I Will proceed and I am putting all of My faith in You, the world.

All I need to do now is make My Way to the world stage for June 5 of this year.  I am going to trust that You will all help Me get there.  As I put My faith in God, I put My faith in You – they are the same.  So, I guess this is how I’m the example, one more ‘crazy’ mission of faith to get Me where I need to go.  But for Me it really isn’t faith, it’s knowing – and there is a difference.  I’ll see You all soon, please trust Me when I tell You that the New World Orders is the Golden Dawn, the Prophecy for Peace I have always promised You.  We said that 10 is the end of an age.  Well, My name day Will also Mark the beginning of My tenth year of ‘Christ’ consciousness.  No coincidences.

“I, like God, do not Play Dice.” – V for Vendetta

Love and Blessings,


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