Foundation of Law for the New World Order

On Tuesday, the First Day of the Sacrament, I also made sure to re-Establish the original Foundation of Law for the Kingdom of Heaven.  That was the day that God Created the Heaven’s and the Earth, the first of the Six days it Will take Me to establish Peace once I reach the world stage.  I did take a photo yesterday but I figured I would wait to until today before I Posted the Entry.  For the rest of You there are Four days left before I reach the world stage, this is part of My strategy (just in case You think I didn’t have a game plan).



Yeah…  So I don’t really anticipate very much resistance, I don’t really think anyone is going to contest My Laws.  What is the tenth law?  “THOU SHALL NOT COVET”.  Hmmm.

Anyone see where I might be going with this?  Love and blessings, happy lucky Wednesday!!!

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