First Night of the Four Night’s of the Apocalypse

And this is probably the entry the world is waiting for.  Remember My Idea of the four knights of the apocalypse?  I said it would be My Brother, My mother and two of My best friends.  That’s My Version and I still like it, I think the rest of You Will, too.  But again, the law of duality I said would continually repeat itself.  Yesterday was My lucky Wednesday and My Intention remained the same but the expression needed to change, My situation changed.  I could not stay where I was any longer without causing disharmony.  So, to move in Harmony with the Universe and My Intention, where else would I go but the Seat of authority in this country, the place where MAN is making false laws every day by misguided senate approval.  Blind leading the blind, let Me show them My light, let Me light up the world!

The train left the station on the perfect day, Five days before My dream Will be realized – or at least the first half.  I arrived in Ottawa today, Four days before and only because I missed the train by ten minutes last night.  No coincidences, I was not meant to arrive in Ottawa until today – Foundation of the new law should be established at the root of the old laws – which is also why We Will be using the Ten Commandments for now to refresh the Minds of Our elected officials, in the ‘Office-like’ (official) Way, by Writing it here.

I can’t even go into the House of Commons because I have nothing but the items I carry with Me and nowhere to leave them while I visit (perhaps they Will have a storage locker, We will see).  I am allowed nothing larger than a briefcase, essentially.  And what I Will accomplish means nothing to Me if the rest of You don’t want it.  If You like the world the Way it is and You want to continue to fight each other for who has more and measure Your successes that Way, then fine, that’s Your choice.  I have literally done everything I can do on My end now and Will spend this night wired on coffee in internet cafe’s because sleeping at night without a home is a crime in this country.  Ironic, seeing as You can sleep all day if You want right on Parliament Hill, even get a suntan if You want.  But try sleeping at night in a city out of doors and You Will have problems, guaranteed.  I avoid that nonsense, so I Will be jacked up on caffeine, wired for My big day tomorrow.

I said that in some Way, My life reflects every movie in some Way and this truly is like the last scene of “V for Vendetta”.  V has completely exhausted himself, his ‘tool’ is finished, only his Idea remains with Evie – the success of His Dream relies in Evie wanting it.  Of course, Evie represents all of man.

My last intention left the station on Wednesday and arrived at it’s Destined Nation today.  And just because there are no coincidences, it was around 11:11 when I arrived.

So this is the first of four nights of Your Apocalypse, or unveiling.  I guess the first unveiling Will be of Me.  The second unveiling Will be the world I Will show You all, the Kingdom of Heaven I have always promised You.

Love and blessings,

Oh, and on a side note, My last entry was to let the rest of You know that I put a great deal of time and effort into this plan.  If I’m still talking about it and You are still reading it…  It’s true.  So please, let’s get on board with Peace, I could really use the support.  Even more, I could use some lodging tonight if anyone feels to offer Me a bed.  I Will be in internet cafe’s all night checking messages anyway, so no offer would be refused and I need very little – a yard where the police won’t bug Me would be fine.

Thanks again, see You tomorrow world!!!

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