Parliament Hill, Ottawa’s House of “Commons” does not hear the common man!!!

Are We still living in a ‘democratic’ country?  I would like to think so.  I have Written letters to the Attorney General, Social workers, My local Member of Parliament, and I have filed paperwork and Orders into Canada’s Superior Court.  Am I to believe that all these efforts are for nothing, that the common man in Canada has no voice, no opinion, no opportunity to make positive change happen in His country even if He dedicates his entire life to finding out one goes about doing so Honorably?  Or is the issue here that no other elected public official has any Idea what’s going on and can’t answer My letters without embarrassing themselves and Canada because they don’t have any clue what they mean or what their true duties are in a Crown society.  Never Mind a Christian one.

So, I’m using this opportunity to remind every single member of Canada’s government, including the Attorney General, Governor General and My local M.P. Lloyd Longfield what Your Sworn Oath of Office is – “I Swear to do My duty to God and the Queen, to protect and uphold God’s Law, the Common Law in all territories and provinces of Her jurisdiction.”

That is NOT being done right now!!!  By ANY Canadian government official and it is time You all take notice of Your crimes and Your SIN’s because I am the only one who can forgive all of You.  By Way of My Cestui Que Vie, I am a King in Canada and there is no fault for that but the laws that allow Me to become it – as was the Intention.  I am not for profit, I have paid back the Central Banks, it is already done.  Not by some Magical declaration here on My Blog, but because I made two more versions of My Cestui Que Vie.  One was a gift to Her Grace, Glory and Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, the other was to My Heavenly Father, the Pope.  The one I gave the Pope was for all of man.  This is not a joke and the world really needs to start listening to Me.

Anyway, I’ll be sitting by the fire outside Parliament all day tomorrow and every day until My voice is heard in the House of Commons.  If My Lloyd Longfield informs the House that I Will be there to address the House, he Will be forgiven for all charges against him and the only consequence Will be a pitcher of water dumped on his head – for entertainment purposes only and to show I’m a good sport.

Love and blessings, See You tomorrow!!!

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