The Beauty of Life

Hello everyone!  Once again I would like to thank everyone for such a Magical ‘birth’ day yesterday!  I have always referred to it as My ‘name’ day as We are each only truly born once – seems kind of silly to celebrate it every year.  It is the name that We keep, continually grow into and identify with – but it is not who We are.

Who and what We are is much more than Our name.  Our name is Our calling under God, Our Sign under the Stars of the Heavens, Our Sign-Nature, or Signature.  My Sign is Gemini, Messenger of the Gods and here I do My Work.  What I do in My day to day life as a man is not so important as the Words I share with You here.

In My day to day life I can have many conversations and inspire some people along the Way.  What is often difficult for others to make sense of when they meet Me is why I am so happy and sure of My Self – so much so that I sometimes think people presume it is an act.  At times, I suppose it is, “fake it ’till You make it!”, but it’s really not that hard when You know how the Universe works.  The greatest Illusion is Time.  If not for the Illusion of Time, My teaching would be effortless.  The greater the Miracle, the greater the Time for the manifestation of it, the more elements in the Universe are required to align with the Vision.  But as consciousness continues to grow, the distance in Time between the Idea of a thing and it’s manifestation continues to decrease significantly.

Although still a modest audience by virtually any standard, My Blog now has more readership than ever before in the history of My Blog.  Even more inspiring for Me are the quality of readers.  The information published here is sufficient for anyone on earth to be free from the constraints of money, legally, simply by following the instructions of My Mother’s Day Talkshoe call.

I did have one person on Facebook ‘laugh’ as I wished everyone a Happy World Peace day for My 44th name day yesterday.  It is also the first year of My life that I am living in this world, officially ‘raised from the dead’ and ‘walking on water’ (I can ONLY legally be challenged in a common law court where human rights and freedoms are both observed and protected – I would also be the authority in such a court of law).

For this reason, it will appear to most as nothing has changed, I am still the same visionary dreamer I have always been.  But My new legal standing and capacity in law does change things considerably.  There is a Superior Court here in Ottawa, perhaps the very next course of action for Me Will be to subpoena Ms. Jody Wilson-Raybould and Mr. Lloyd Longfield for their crimes and offences of the common law (and for dis-honoring their oath of office to the Queen).  This is NOT something I want to do…

What I would like, is for Ms. Jody Wilson-Raybould and the Member of Parlour Games Lloyd Longfield to respond to Me, which is what they are elected and paid to do.  They are representatives of the people, not the corporation of CANADA and they should both know that the country of Canada has Superior Laws than that of it’s corporate (dead) counterpart.

Of course, there is also media which is very powerful and often compels politicians to answer or bury their head in the sand and resign.  Essentially, by avoiding Me right now and refusing to answer legal documents sent to them, they ARE like the Ostrich with their head in the sand (and I might point out where that leaves their ass for Me).

I haven’t decided yet how much time I Will give these politicians to respond to Me but the longer they take, the more dishonest and guilty they appear to Me.  And the more difficult their case will be to defend when I bring them into a common law court.  I WILL have My day in court, ladies and gentlemen – and that is one game I will not lose.  You hear Me Jody Wilson-Raybould, Lloyd Longfield?  Confess to Your sins, acknowledge My Kingdom or suffer the consequences.

This is all just fun and games for Me now.  I want to be gentle but resistance is futile.  The longer My elected officials take to respond to Me, the worse things get for them, the stronger My case becomes.

Love and blessings,


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