Magic, Miracles and Lucky Wednesday

Today is the most beautiful day since I arrived in Ottawa.  By 8:00 a.m. the sun felt hot on the skin, I’ll spend a good portion of the day outside.

The last couple of days have been slower, dreamier.  The rain and damp weather cools My jets a little, gives Me time to think, strategize, plan My next move.  But the incredible Magic I’ve seen in My day to day life is enough to know that My prayers have been answered.  Maybe the rest of the world can’t see it yet, or still does not feel the weight of it, but I am on the world stage as I said I would be – what are these posts if not an expression of My Voice and Will in the world?  The world may not know or fully comprehend the power of My intention yet, but I do – and that’s really all that matters.

And in My own personal, everyday experience of life, the number of ‘miracles’ I see are so countless they hardly seem miraculous anymore, they are almost commonplace.  A man asked Me for a smoke and I didn’t have one to give but told him if he just stuck around for a minute or two, the Universe would answer him.  Literally the moment I said it, a woman in a cab drove by waving her arm out the window frantically, here fist full of smokes.  The guy looked at Me like he couldn’t believe what was happening, then ran over and grabbed the smokes – he was kind enough to give Me one, too.

A few things like this have happened where I am now and I quickly develop a reputation for such ‘miraculous’ occurences Magically following Me around.  And the best part is, I’m contagious.  The more people see, the more they believe and the more powerful their own positive thoughts become.

With today being lucky Wednesday, I has also hoped to accomplish a little more work.  What next?  I figured the best thing to do was to start asking people in My own community what they would do if public officials refused to answer You.  I have a couple of people looking into human rights organizations and other similarly motivated political groups to get Me involved with.  Trust Me, it won’t take long before My Voice is heard.

Everything is relative to perception.  Everything.  Microcosm, macrocosm.  I have always said that My name day represents a new chapter in My life, this is only two days in, there is no telling how much I Will actually accomplish in the world now that I am actually LIVING (legally, most of You are dead).  The Words on this page are as plain as any sign could be.  So long as My Words and intentions exist in this Ethereal world of consciousness, My intention is permeating consciousness on a level most of the world cannot comprehend and with an impact none in the world will soon be able to ignore.

So for Me, it truly feels like I am at play in the field of the Lord.  Sunshine and rainbows from here to the end.  There is no doubt whether or not a I will succeed in My task, only how long it will take the rest of the world to acknowledge that I have.  You can lead a horse to water, but You can’t make it drink.  Every solution for the world is published right here on this Blog, the rest is up to the world.  Technology and information are nothing without application.  I apply what I can in the microcosm – when the world does the same, the result Will be seen in the macrocosm very quickly.

Love and blessings, wishing everyone a Wonderful, Magical and Miraculous Wednesday,


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